Invitation to the New Reality

627.1Question: From where does the sensation of inner emptiness come to a person?

Answer: Desire is constantly growing within us. It has to grow to the state where you will demand the light, moreover, in the size that exceeds our world. Then unwillingly you will have to exit the framework in which we live and rise to the next dimension.

This invitation to the next level already exists in a person and therefore he feels emptiness.

He is playing a game of life, feeling that there is nothing to be fulfilled with. “For now I will live this way. What can I do? Will my life end simply like that? But there is nothing shining behind that. But at least for now I will be busy playing somehow and will spend time.” A person has the instinct of self-protection.

But in essence, the inner spiritual hunger is sucking him and calling him to reach something higher. This desire is developing for the next level, to a greater portion of light, in other words, to another life.

Question: Does it mean that we do not have any freedom of choice in our existence?

Answer: The freedom of choice is only in accelerating our development. And we can accelerate it only with the help of a certain environment.

When we create such an environment around us—books, teacher, and friends—we can elevate our desire, direct it correctly, shape it, and make it big and aspiring to the goal. Then we will come out of our world to the next dimension faster.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Does the Creator Exist?” 5/9/11

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