Revealing The Creator In The Connection Between Us

laitman_294.2The subject of study of the wisdom of Kabbalah is actions of the Creator, which give us an opportunity to assemble Him from parts: from our thoughts, desires, all sorts of actions, irreconcilable differences, mistakes, and successes. The main thing is that from all this work of disassembling and assembling we come to understand Him, feel Him, and be like Him. This is the uniqueness of our work as opposed to the different endeavors of this world.

Perhaps in them there is something similar to analysis and synthesis as well, an understanding. In fact, this is how we study all inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature: we dissect, examine, understand, and register. However, in Kabbalah we are not dissecting ourselves, our animalistic body. Instead, we connect and disconnect with each other. Only through the connections between us will we be able to understand who the Creator is because He is revealed only within them.

This is special work that does not have an analog in our world. It is called the work of the Creator. After all, He entrusted it to us so that we would get to know Him and become like Him. The path to this lies only through the connection between people. Yet connection is impossible without disconnection: the achievement of unity does not happen without resistance. That is how it happens in all the actions: ascents—descents, convergence—distancing, inhaling—exhaling.

Kabbalah is the science of connection, the attainment of unity. There is no Creator outside of us. He is revealed in the connection between us. This connection does not exist in nature by itself, only if we assemble it. We learn that there was a restriction and second restriction and so the degrees were formed up to this world: the upper worlds, spiritual Partzufim and Sefirot. However, this all exists only in potential in case the created beings come and begin to attain these qualities.

We will discover the degrees descending from above downward if we want to awaken them from below. If we do not awaken them, it is as if they do not exist at all. There is nothing to talk about without the one who attains. The Creator is revealed only within our connection, which is not corporeal or forced, when we feel our dependence on one another or have special feelings for each other.

This connection happens in a completely unnatural, even anti-natural way. Only to the extent that I discover my own nature, the evil hidden in me, the unwillingness to connect with others, in the part that I managed to purify from my “I” with the reforming Light, is there a measure of bestowal revealed. It is not bestowal yet, but a readiness for it, the degree of Bina, Hanukkah.

Once I recognize my evil I begin to hate it, and then I can use my desire for the benefit of others. There can be no good without the revelation of evil and its correction. Good is revealed only above evil, and from this I begin to understand and feel what the Creator is: the force of absolute good that fills the entire universe and me as well. It helps me replace all the evil in me with the good. My work is only in this choice: to discover my evil nature and replace it with the good one, and all this through the connection with the friends.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/10/18, Lesson on the Topic “Revealing The Creator In The Connection Between Us” (Preparation for the Virtual Convention 2018)
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