What Will Save Us From Extinction?

720Comment: Greta Thunberg scolds world leaders for their years of empty chatter and climate inaction. She criticizes England, the USA, and China for manipulating statistics, and gives many examples, especially about England. England calls itself a world leader in the field of climate, and they have, as she says, power plants that are one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions.

My Response: Yes, they run everything on coal. It’s a tradition.

Question: She “put them all in the naughty corner.” It feels like we no longer listen to scientists, we don’t trust them, and this girl is being published everywhere; she is being listened to; she is on a pedestal. Is this how our time is?

Answer: Our time is the most corrupt and the dirtiest. They took this girl, made whoever they required out of her, and let her out on a short leash.

Question: Do you think there are some forces behind her? The media don’t know what to do.

Answer: Yes, who would have heard her otherwise? They look at a person with one eye and understand where he can be more suitable to earn a rating. Do you really think that a child jumps out on stage by him or herself? Who allows it? Who gives the radio time, screen time, TV time, etc.?

Question: Why is this being done?

Answer: Firstly, the world needs such noise. It is a distraction. Secondly, there are big forces behind all this, forces which benefit from it.

Question: Which heroes would you bring out today? What kind of heroes does today’s time need?

Answer: It must be some very serious organization, a gathering of scientists, politicians, and economists who all sit together and seriously discuss what we can do. But first we need a very serious report, that is, research.

Question: Do we have to reach the depth of the problem of what is happening?

Answer: We understand the depth of the problem.

Question: It’s clear to you. Nobody talks about it much. Will humanity have to come to the depth of the problem?

Answer: We won’t be able to do anything. Everyone pulls in their own direction toward where they can make more money.

Question: So, to my question: “Who should I bring out to be heard?” is the answer: “The one who leads to the depth of the problem”?

Answer: If they seriously tackled this issue, they would come to the conclusion that nothing can be done and nothing is needed!

There is only one answer. We can bring the world to balance only if we ourselves enter into balance in our relations. And then we will simply find ourselves in a world in which everything will be enough and good for everyone.

This is not a fantasy or utopia; it’s just something that will happen involuntarily. If we make the balance in the world at the level of “man,” then all the lower levels—animal, vegetative, and inanimate—will also come into balance.

Comment: It’s like you’re addressing a person and saying that he needs to change for the sake of good connections. And a person can’t do that! He doesn’t want to!

My Response: He can’t. Then he will be brought down.

Comment: He needs an enemy.

My Response: He himself is the enemy!

Comment: You say to a person: “It’s all you! Because of you these ecological problems are happening.”

My Response: Yes.

Question: How do we get out of this story?

Answer: There is no way. Either we kill ourselves or we start changing ourselves. One or the other.

Only the correction of man can bring nature into balance. And it is possible to bring a person into balance only if we gradually create an atmosphere of love your neighbor between us.

Question: Should we all be exhausted in search of a way out? Do we need to be exhausted in order to come to what you say?

Answer: Then we would really want to hear the answer here. We would be able to hear it.

Never mind! That’s all right. The upper governance knows everything and can do anything, and it does everything anyway.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/1/21

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