Ecology And Economy Must Go Together

pointNews Report (from BBC):Mafia ‘boosted’ by credit crisis
The Italian mafia, the country’s organized crime network, is making a profit out of the global economic downturn. …the mafia has a combined turnover of some 130bn euro ($173 billion) a year.

My Comment: While the government and banks are scared of lending, the mafia isn’t because people fear it, and this fear acts as their guarantee. However, under the conditions of decreased consumption, the economy won’t be helped by shady lending, and hence this kind of lending will eventually die out.

The solution: The entire economy must be reconstructed from being an economy of consumption to an ecologically correct economy – an economy of sensible consumption.

The words “Economy” and “Ecology” both come from the Greek word “Ecos,” meaning “household.” In other words, Ecology is the science about how to arrange our household on the planet Earth, and Economy sets forth the rules by which this household should operate. Therefore, we shouldn’t separate ecology from economy.

Economy and ecology both have their own natural laws. And if we’re building an artificial economy, one that’s based on our own invented rules instead of the rules embedded in nature, then we’re leading ourselves to bankruptcy.

Nature is a massive, complex, harmoniously designed, living household. By meddling in it and violating its laws, we induce the crisis. The crisis will rid us of all excesses, mafia included.

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