The Crisis Will Turn Advertising Into Education

RussiaNews Report (from Reuters):UK advertising budgets cut at record rates” British marketing budgets were revised sharply lower in the fourth quarter… The Bellwether Report said companies had cut back on spending after seeing their financial prospects deteriorate at a record pace. Hardest hit in the fourth quarter were main media advertising.

My Comment: Consumption will continue to decrease; there’s no going back to the rampant pursuit of excess. Besides, the essential goods don’t need any advertising.

What we do need to advertise is the correct global behavior and the explanation of the new interconnected world. In other words, we need educational advertising. This is what people will need, and therefore advertising will develop in this direction.

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The Media Must Help Turn Our World Into A Giant Classroom

mediaNews Report (translated from Just as everywhere else in the world, one of the consequences of the financial crisis in Russia is the rise of unemployment rates. During the days of the holiday vacation, unemployment in Moscow increased by 100%. Moreover, experts from the Social Opinion fund report that the actual number of Russians who have recently lost their jobs exceeds official data by 5-6 times.

My Comment: The same thing is happening all over the world. We must produce only what is necessary for a normal existence, and distribute the work among many people. As for our free time, it must be filled with education: we must all learn how to live in balance with nature. This is something we have to learn, just as a small child has to be taught how to live in our world. Similarly, all of us – the entire humanity, must get down to studying. This is what the crisis is pushing us toward.

We have found ourselves on a different planet, one with different external qualities. On this planet, the only thoughts, decisions, desires and actions that will prove successful are those aimed at the common good!

Therefore, the television should create and broadcast educational programs or “classes” that everyone will have to take. And then everyone will have to take exams, just like when we were in school. The whole world must “take their seats in the classroom.” We must use all means of communication to teach people how to live in the new natural (altruistic) conditions. The sooner society begins to understand and actualize this, the sooner we will begin to feel that we are living in a world that’s bountiful, safe and comfortable. Kabbalah offers you the wisdom of how to exist in the new world.

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Virtual Lesson On 01.18.09

stateThe weekly virtual lesson on 01.18.09, held from 16:00pm to 17:00pm Israel time, was the 8th lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot.”

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Seven Billion


Obama’s New Energy Policy A Good Step

contactNews Report (from Bloomberg): Barack Obama’s choice of a Nobel Prize-winning physicist as energy secretary will redefine the way policy is made… Obama plans to invest $150 billion in alternative energy technologies… In particular, how to store energy when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining. Battery technology has to be improved, carbon sequestration has to be developed and cellulosic ethanol has to be made more affordable. …new nuclear and other power plants that would cut emissions of so-called greenhouse gases. “…He’s going to continue to keep an international portfolio, but the message this sends is we are going to have a science-driven, fact-driven energy policy…”

My Comment: Nature will pressure us to reduce our irrepressible demands to a level that’s necessary for a normal and optimal existence, without any excess. Hence, it’s a good idea to invest government capital into developing the above directions in science, technology, and industry. This will prove successful because it is harmonious with Nature. The criterion for success is balance with Nature.

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The Crowd Psychology

What's the Right Attitude to Have To This World?News Report (from WebWire):A Crowded World: Researchers use computer scenarios to study crowd behavior in time and space” The scientists at the School of Geographical Sciences at Arizona State University have created a model of crowd behavior. Their results were as follows:

1. There is rapid exchange of nonverbal information in crowds

2. The actions of a single individual can shape the dynamics of an entire crowd

3. Individuals who would never ordinarily engage in anti-social behavior such as looting might do so anyway when associated with a riotous crowd; and, conversely, anti-social individuals may see their bad behavior checked by other members of a well-behaved crowd.

My Comment: The science of Kabbalah has been explaining the same laws of individual and social behavior for thousands of years. It explains these and many other laws, how to use them to benefit the individual without infringing on his freedom and while enabling him to develop harmoniously, and how to use these laws for the benefit of society in a way that avoids conflicts between the individual and the society. It explains how the two can come to an ideal coexistence, where individual gain is equal to social gain. This is possible if the importance of the individual is equal to the importance of society as a whole, by observing the law, “The general and the particular are equal.” This observance is possible when everyone is equal and interdependent, and every person strives only to fulfill the desire of the single whole, seeing this as his mission and receiving absolute fulfillment from it.

This is the state we exist in from the very beginning. It is called the “World of Infinity.” We must desire to ascend (morally) from our present state, called “this world,” to the level of the “World of Infinity.” This desire will draw onto us the Light (feeling) of bestowal and love, which fills us in the “World of Infinity” – and this Light will then correct us, giving us the quality of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This isn’t inconceivable. Even scientists now prove that an individual’s qualities can change instantly under the society’s influence. Therefore, everything depends on our decision to create the right influence over each and every one of us. Therein lies our freedom of will.

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