The UK In A Recession

ukIn the News (from Investor’s Business Daily):U.K. In Recession, Banks Sinking Fast, But Gov’t Boxed In” Britain’s plunging pound, shrinking economy and crumbling financial system are inviting comparisons to Iceland, which asked for an IMF bailout last year after its banks failed and its currency collapsed.

My Comment: The more people resist and stubbornly refuse to learn from nature about how to come out of the crisis, the more countries will end up like Iceland. People still don’t realize that we are governed by the law of integral interdependence, where everyone is unified and equal. And the only way to overcome the crisis is to equalize all humanity with this law.

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What Will The Future Generaton Be Like?

aboveTwo questions I received about the future:

Question: In the future, will there be a generation that will be able to see and feel the Light? How will they see It, with their souls or even with their eyes?

My Answer: The spiritual world is attained inside the intention “to bestow,” which is born from our intention “to receive,” as a consequence of the Surrounding Light’s (Ohr Makif’s) influence on us. This Light corrects our egoistic intention, turning it into an altruistic one.

Question: Will Kabbalists become the world’s leaders one day?

My Answer: Certainly: in the future, the only people governing the world will be those who have completely attained it, meaning Kabbalists. People will understand this and institute it of their own accord; in other words, they will choose it.

Today we see how wrong the “blind” leaders of the world are and how they “lead” the world through suffering. And lately we see that they aren’t even able to hide their own confusion any longer.

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Why More People Trust Online News

From Our World, to the Virtual World, to the Upper WorldIn the News: (from TNS): Online news is ‘highly trusted’ by two fifths (40%) of those polled” Online news seems to be globally widespread with an average of two fifths (40%) across all 16 countries in the report trusting online news, while traditional press is decreasing (39%). 10% of respondents trust blogs, Wikipedia (24%) is as highly trusted as newspapers.

My Comment: In the future, as we will try to minimize our actions and expenses, the printing industry, including books, will become replaced by the electronic industry. The informational sectors of the Internet, such as Wikipedia, will become more objective and will gain people’s trust. But for the time being they are ruled by egoism, envy, competition and prejudice.

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For Some, Being In Jail Is Better Than Being Hungry

Where Do Our Thoughts, Ideas and Dreams Come From?In the News (from Tribble Ad Agency): The Great Depression has reached Detroit… unemployment has reached 21%, and it’s expected to get worse… even the criminals don’t want to leave jail … some offenders, notably those without homes of their own, were now expressing reluctance to leave jail when their sentences were done.

My Comment: People won’t be able to save themselves by running away from their responsibilities. It’s necessary to teach the prisoners about the new world and the global connection between everyone, and to prepare them for a new life, so they could come out to freedom with a new, clear conscience! Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to put all of us through solitary confinement? (That’s a joke.)

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Darwin’s Theory No Longer Works In Our Times

longerA question I received: You are a scientist, Kabbalist, philosopher, and practice religious observances, but your explanations of evolution are unclear. Do you agree with Darwin’s theory?

My Answer: According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, one of nature’s principles is, “the fittest survives.” However, this theory worked only during the initial stage of life’s development, when the simplest organisms were developing and before they began to unite into complex bodies and distribute the functions between separate organs in a body.

Darwin’s theory can justify any method of enslavement, exploitation, and extermination, which are all done to provide maximal enrichment and safety for specific individuals. This principle justifies our actions when we wage a battle against everyone else, and when we wage a battle against Nature, taking away everything we possibly can from It, draining It of all the natural resources.

Today we find ourselves globally and integrally connected and interdependent, and we cannot continue to behave “according to Darwin,” in a battle for survival. Just like the biological forms of life, humanity has already gone through the stage of the egoistic battle for survival, and now – when it has revealed its interdependence, it must recognize the need for everyone to unite into one whole. And this no longer happens according to Darwin!

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