Darwin’s Theory No Longer Works In Our Times

longerA question I received: You are a scientist, Kabbalist, philosopher, and practice religious observances, but your explanations of evolution are unclear. Do you agree with Darwin’s theory?

My Answer: According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, one of nature’s principles is, “the fittest survives.” However, this theory worked only during the initial stage of life’s development, when the simplest organisms were developing and before they began to unite into complex bodies and distribute the functions between separate organs in a body.

Darwin’s theory can justify any method of enslavement, exploitation, and extermination, which are all done to provide maximal enrichment and safety for specific individuals. This principle justifies our actions when we wage a battle against everyone else, and when we wage a battle against Nature, taking away everything we possibly can from It, draining It of all the natural resources.

Today we find ourselves globally and integrally connected and interdependent, and we cannot continue to behave “according to Darwin,” in a battle for survival. Just like the biological forms of life, humanity has already gone through the stage of the egoistic battle for survival, and now – when it has revealed its interdependence, it must recognize the need for everyone to unite into one whole. And this no longer happens according to Darwin!

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  1. Dear Rabbi Dr Laitman,

    How do we get initiated to the jewish kabbalah like Moses? Are the

    teachings of Eliphas Levi and Israel Regardie on Kabbalah relevant to
    our times?


  2. Even though life has gotten considerably more ‘complicated’ relative to our ancestors, the survival of the fittest still continues – perhaps even at a higher extreme than ever before because of trends such as globalization and increased competition. 
    Humans haven’t had to fight on the same level of other Earth’s creatures for a long time now.  Even though the game has changed, the rules stay the same!

  3. That being said, now’s the time to change from a ‘consuming’ kind of creature (there have been references of us to viruses) to a ‘giving’ one, before our planet is exhausted of its resources!

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