French Television Reform Is A Praiseworthy Initiative

childrenNews Report (from Internet French Property): A major reform of the French television service has been approved by the French government. The reforms presage the end of advertising on the public service channels. From 5 January 2009 there will be no advertising on these channels between 8:00pm and 6:00am. All advertising will cease by the end of November 2011.

The President [Nicolas Sarkozy] stated that he wished to raise the quality of programming on French television and that the channels should ‘cease to be a slave to audience figures.’

My Comment: What a praiseworthy decision! Now the only thing still missing is for the authorities to understand what they should teach to their citizens, what is the most necessary knowledge for them, what will benefit them? One day they will understand that the most important knowledge is about how to be in balance with Nature, or in other words, how to attain adhesion with the Creator.

Since the Creator is the quality of bestowal and love, the most necessary knowledge is how to observe the condition, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Keep up the good work, Nicolas!

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Kabbalah Explains The Global Crisis, In Spanish

A popular Internet magazine in Spanish has published an article about the global crisis and Kabbalah’s explanation of it.


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How Long Will the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict Last?

A question I received: How long do you think this conflict between Israel and Palestine will last? Isn’t it possible to come to an agreement?

My Answer: There are two answers:

On the earthly level, this is possible only by changing one’s attitude to life, by changing what’s more important to you: love for your children or hate for your enemy.


In this regard, everything depends on the Arabic side.

On the spiritual level, this is possible only if the people of Israel will correct themselves, as the Torah instructs them to do. You should reread everything the Creator says to his people, for example: If you will listen to Me and observe the condition of “Love your neighbor as yourself” – the main law of the Torah, then there will be peace.

Conversation About Power

Recently I had a conversation about power with Oren Levi – the manager of our Hebrew publishing department.


You can now read a transcription of our conversation:

Conversation on Power with Oren Levi

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Conversation About Psychological Counseling At The Time Of Crisis

I had a teleconference about psychological counseling with Moscow Psychologist Anatoly Ulyanov.


He is a certified Geshtalt-therapist of the European Association of Geshtalt Therapists (EAGT), a consultant of the international beauty contests: “Miss Moscow 2008” and “Russian Beauty 2008,” a psychology professor at the School of Aesthetic Education “Russian Beauty” (Moscow), a trainer and instructor at the International Leadership Academy (Saint-Petersburg), and a scientific consultant for the following television programs: “What a Woman Wants” (RTR); “The Great Laundry” (ORT); “House-2” (TNT); “Court is On” (the Home channel); “Our Everything” (NTV) and others.

You can now read the transcription of our conversation:

“Psychological Counseling at the Time of Crisis” – Part 1

“Psychological Counseling at the Time of Crisis” – Part 2