What’s On The Menu For Summer 2009?

Reaching Personal Gmar Tikkun Depends Only on One's EffortsNews Report (translated from bigness.ru): Up to 20% of farms worldwide may go bankrupt by spring of 2009. A decreasing demand for raw biological materials made from grain crops has become a global trend, which explains the price reduction for grain crops. The wave of bankruptcies may cause a sudden decline in food prices as the manufacturers clear their warehouses of goods. As a result, even manufacturers capable of surviving the crisis will suffer major losses on account of the sudden price cuts. However, 7-8 months later, when the provisions sold at dumping prices will be eaten, and in the absence of new provisions due to bankruptcies, the global food prices will take a sharp upturn.

My Comment: This is another example that with each passing day, the need for a single global regulator is becoming more and more pressing.

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The European Union Must Make A Fateful Decision

The Remedy for the Global CrisisNews Report (from Spiegel Online): This year’s winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Paul Krugman, has joined the chorus of those criticizing German government inaction in the face of the financial crisis. He spoke to SPIEGEL about the price of doing nothing and why he thinks Berlin has misjudged the severity of the slump.

Krugman: “Europe has a major coordination problem: The trade-off between deficits and output is much less favorable for any country acting unilaterally than for the EU as a whole. So cooperation is essential. But if Germany, the largest economy, refuses to go along, there will be no cooperation. Events have given Germany a strategic policy importance disproportionate to its size.

SPIEGEL: What’s the price of inaction?

Krugman: A very, very severe slump, with worse unemployment than at any time since the 1930s — and quite possibly a Japanese-type lost decade to follow.

My Comment: The European Union must make a fateful decision. If the EU countries takes the path of unification, they will become the world’s largest economy, as well as the cultural center of the world. On the other hand, if every separate country tries to solve the problems on its own, this will bring them all to a collapse so great that none of them will ever recover from it! It’s because this will set them against the law of Nature, which is driving all humanity toward globalization.

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The “Active Part Of Humanity” Must Unite

wordsA question I received: The crisis has uncovered the ideological and political emptiness of the global society. The call of the times is for the active part of humanity (politicians, businessmen, scientists, and artists) to develop a project that will renovate our civilization. The problem is, they lack ideas. Do you believe it’s possible for us to get through to this active part of humanity?

My Answer: What I see is that it is necessary to unite all those who believe that the crisis can be overcome by correcting man. That is to say, that it could be overcome by creating the correct relationships between people, in accordance with the laws of Nature’s single closed system – the system we have found ourselves in after all our development.

It would be best to create an international group – the active part of humanity, which will become the world’s spiritual expert or government. Hence, it is necessary to look for such people.

I kindly ask you to send me materials which, in your opinion, correctly reflect the reason for the crisis or the solution to it.

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The Unconscious Is Smarter Than The Conscious

reasonNews Report (from Science Daily):Our Unconscious Brain Makes The Best Decisions Possible” Neuroscientists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky received a 2002 Nobel Prize for their 1979 research that argued humans rarely make rational decisions. Contrary to Kahnneman and Tversky’s research, Alex Pouget, associate professor of brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester, has shown that people do indeed make optimal decisions – but only when their unconscious brain makes the choice.

My Comment: No doubt, our earthly mind does not feel the goal which the Creator sets for us at every instant, whereas the unconscious is closer to the truth because it is led by the by the instinct rather than the corporeal circumstances. When one’s consciousness isn’t bound by egoism, which desires and calculates everything to make a profit, then one sees the truth!

Hence, we must first rise above egoism and see the world truly objectively, outside of ourselves, of our “I.” Only then can we use our egoism to attain “outside.” This attainment will indeed be called the “Upper World” – a world that’s above egoism, above our nature.

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A Dissertation In Kabbalah Is Unlike Other Dissertations

"Woe to the Conquered" or "Death In the Professoriate"A question I received: I just read how you were able to defend your dissertation on Kabbalah by writing against something you believe, which is an interesting strategy. I am pursuing my PhD in Education at Walden University and after four years now, I have finally come in contact with a mentor who understands my goal in obtaining this doctoral; I can now approach my research in Education by designing a program of “Metaphysical Education: an Emphasis on Kabbalah Studies.” It is good to know you are so willing to assist those of us on this educational attainment path and should I need your help, I hope you will be there for assistance as well. I must say, your books, the articles, website links, etc., are a tremendous help.

My Answer: In this case, the goal justifies the means. The PhD title gives one the opportunity to give lectures at universities about authentic Kabbalah.

It also took me a long time to find someone who would supervise my dissertation, and I still had to “fix” things according to his instructions. It’s possible that you will also have to make certain “corrections” that your academic director will insist on. But there’s no sense prolonging it, since the dissertation materials will be buried in an archive anyway. Kabbalah is probably the only field where the student pursuing a degree may understand more than his academic director.

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Comfort Can Only Be Achieved By Correcting Egoism

Love is Providing Others With the Means to Fulfill Their Point in the HeartNews Report (from PloS One): New Japanese research concludes that greater interpersonal trust is strongly associated with a better quality of life, including physical, psychological, social, and environmental quality of life.

My Comment: Small egoism or an artificial suppression of egoism creates a sense of comfort, because “One who increases his knowledge, increases his grief.” This is why an animal’s life is easier than a human’s. But of course, reducing one’s egoism is no solution to a problem because you can’t fool nature. According to the Creator’s plan, egoism must continue growing until it demonstrates its own incompetence to its possessor, or in other words, until it shows us that it is the source of evil.

This is egoism’s primary mission, as it says in the Torah, “I created a helper against you” (Ezer Ke Negdo). One way or another, the growing egoism will force “its master” (as man thinks at first) or more correctly – “its slave” (as man later realizes) to use it. There is just one solution: comfort can only be achieved by correcting egoism. This not only enables a person to rise above egoism, but because one uses it to bestow, one senses the life of the general soul (Adam). In other words, one perceives his next level – beyond the existence of his animate body, the state of Adam, an existence that’s equivalent to the Creator. He reveals the Creator inside him.

There is so little separating us from happiness!

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The World Is On The Brink Of A Monetary Collapse

betNews Report (from CommodityOnline): World is hit by hyperinflation & monetary collapse” The most probable sequence of events resulting in hyperinflation and monetary collapse is as follows:

1. A broad based shortage of goods that are thought essential develops and this is not relieved in time to satisfy demand.

2. Consumers trying to acquire essential goods that they believe are in short supply become fearful and are prepared to pay increasingly higher prices and stockpile these goods further increasing shortages and accelerating prices as a sellers market develops.

3. Prices rise for essential goods in short supply as an increasing proportion of the money supply circulates in these goods, also with increasing velocity and as most of these goods are consumables with high turnover upward re pricing quickly occurs.

4. The proportion of available money circulating in goods that are perceived as essential increases and the demand for less essential goods diminishes i.e essentials become disproportionately more expensive than the norm against non essential goods displacing money towards the goods most in demand further fueling inflation,

5. The shortage of essential goods accelerates as manufacturers increasingly focus on short term survival, longer term risk is avoided and investment in the production cycle is reduced accelerating 1.

6. The normal balance of demand for all goods increasingly prefers those goods required to satisfy primary needs and people engaged in making and supplying less immediately essential or non essential goods become unemployed who then pressures governments accelerating condition 9.

7. Eventually goods not immediately required but non the less essential are needed and rapidly increase in price as they also become in short supply.

8. Consumers with least money first find it increasingly difficult to secure essential goods, become frightened and are forced to allocate greater proportions of their money on essential goods and demand greater income.

9. The demand for money forced by need and fear becomes irresistible so governments feel insecure and provide increasing amounts of fiat new money.

10. Consumers first to spend the new money see some value but soon as this new money is distributed and its value is lost, the velocity of money also accelerates as people rapidly exchange money for goods, wealth is seen as best protected when stored as goods rather than cash further increasing price and reinforcing condition 9.

My Comment: This is a perfectly logical scenario, although it may drag out over years and hence seem unrealistic to us right now. But more importantly, the solution to the economic crisis must be a moral one, because it’s the next level of human development. The solution must be fundamentally different, bringing us to the new, following level.

The universal interdependence (the global nature of our “small village”) shows us that in order to come out of the crisis, we must change our current relationships to the opposite ones. We have always sought to separate from one another, but today, in order to survive, we will have to start caring for one another. We cannot wait for instructions to come from the authorities or the government. It is man who must change (correct himself), and hence, it’s up to him to create this change (via education).

The new social relationships of mutual care will gradually produce a new system of government – a council of people who are great with respect to their vision of Nature and Society (the Creator).

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