We Can Change Everything For The Better At Any Moment

hopeIn the News (from Science Daily):Making The Most Of It: Study Reveals Motivating Factor For Enjoying The Present” According to a new study, thinking that we have a limited amount of time remaining to participate in an activity makes us appreciate the activity that much more and motivates us to make the most of it. These findings support the idea that “thinking about an experience’s future ending can enhance one’s present experience of it” and that “focusing on the fact that an experience is fleeting enhances enjoyment by creating a ‘now or never’ type of motivation.”

My Comment: At every moment in time, one has the opportunity to change oneself and the world for the better. If one has this attitude to life, then he is always enthusiastic about life. After all, “the world” is what you build and perceive within!

Question: I don’t understand: if everything is driven by thought, which begets the mind, then what’s the end result of it all? Is it to achieve the goal of absolute harmony and attainment of the Creator? But what for? And what’s going to happen once this is achieved? And what’s the point of creating the primitive creature that is man in the first place – to revel in our ego?

My Answer: The goal of developing our desire is to attain the sensation of the state of perfection inside this desire. The most rational, quick and easy method to bring oneself to perfection (to correct oneself) is demonstrated to us by the Creator through His work (Avodat HaShem).

Just as adults teach children how to live in our world by showing them examples of the proper behavior, so the Creator shows us examples of the behavior that’s necessary in order to start perceiving the concealed part of the world. However, if we act of our own accord, then we are like children who don’t have parents or the right environment, and are trying to grow from a primitive stage to a level of being able to understand life in the modern world. How can they possibly do it without being educated at home, in kindergarten, school, and so on!?

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Two Scenarios Of Life After The Crisis

lifeIn the News (translated from utro.ru): Sooner or later the economic crisis will be over, and then life on our planet will be completely different. The experts of the World Economic Forum concluded that the era of swift development has come to an end, economic growth will slow down, the influence of the government will increase, and the global economy will change completely. The experts put forth four scenarios for the future of the global financial system: Either the worst will happen in the East, or in the West, or everywhere at once, or the world will somehow recuperate.

My Comment: Nobody knows the future, because it is for us to decide. However, there aren’t four, but two possible scenarios: either things will be good for everyone, or bad for everyone. It can’t be divided up into parts, because the world is integral and absolutely interconnected, and this is being revealed more and more each day.

There are two possible paths: the path of suffering, or the path of conscious development and a favorable connection between everyone. However, one way or another, we will have to reach one goal – to become an integral part of Nature.

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The Global Crisis Brings The End Of Glamour

heavenIn the News (translated from Javno): This year’s traditional Vanity Fair will have no hint of glamour because of the global crisis. The traditional glamorous party Vanity Fair fashion magazine organizes every year after the Oscar awards will this year be far from the glamour attendees of the event are used to. As the global economic crisis is affecting all areas, the leaders of the renowned magazine decided to organize a rather humble party and reduce the list of invitees as much as possible. “We will curb expenses this year,” the magazine’s editor said, adding that the party would resemble the magazine’s first party 15 years ago which was pretty humble.

My Comment: Naturally, everything that was artificially created by humans will eventually come to an end. Only the natural existence will stay, along with spiritual development.

Glamour is often so tasteless, because people just want to “sparkle.” But this is already disappearing. Glamour has outlived itself.

The crisis does not mean that the world is falling apart, but that its false, shiny shell is. And just like a chick is born from an egg, this shell will break to reveal the birth of a new life – a new world that exists by the eternal laws of Nature, the laws of bestowal and love.

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The Need For One Global Educational Program

Changing the World Starts With Changing Our IntentionsIn the News (from Environment News Science):Global Warming Forecast to Leave Half the World Hungry by 2100” Climate change will desiccate crop yields in the tropics and subtropics by the end of this century, leaving half the world’s population facing a food crisis. The area at risk stretches from the southern United States to northern Argentina and southern Brazil, from northern India and southern China to southern Australia and all of Africa.

My Comment: These people will be forced to leave their lands and move north. But will the developed countries withstand such an influx? And if yes, how? Perhaps by using nuclear weapons, as Baal HaSulam writes in the article “The Last Generation”?

The source of all our problems is that we disconnect ourselves from nature, thinking that all existence is split into “man” and “the environment.” This view of nature makes us think of everything around us as a supplement to man.

Even when we do care for the environment, it is only for our own narrow gain, with no regard for the holistic system of nature. Violating this closed system of nature evokes its negative reaction to us. And since we are a product of nature, we end up suffering on all levels of our existence.

Therefore, we must replace all of our educational programs, such as “Saving the environment,” with educational programs such as, “Man is an integral part of nature.” After all, the solution lies not in cleaning water from pollution or restoring the ecosystem, but in creating a single system, where everything is “One Nature,” instead of “man and nature.” Hence, there must be only one educational program, just as Nature is one. We must imitate living organisms and use them as models for how to organize our lives as a single whole.

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Astrophysics Confirms That We Are Alone In The Universe

confirmIn the News (translated from vz.ru): NASA’s Absolute Radiometer for Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Diffuse Emission (ARCADE) has found an anomalously powerful noise, a power spectrum of relict radiation, penetrating the universe. This discovery may indicate that the Earth’s position in the universe is unique and pre-conditioned, which is why we can see what should not exist in the cosmos. This could support the geocentric model of the world, according to which the Earth is unique in the universe and did not originate by coincidence. The chances of proving God’s existence are greater than ever, reports CNews.

My Comment: We are revealing the truth: that we are alone in the universe. So there’s no use searching for other civilizations in outer space. There are no “little green men,” there are no aliens coming to visit us, and there is nothing in the universe except dead matter. Everything of importance exists only on our Earth, and man, who is at the center of this world, raises it to the spiritual world.

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