The Global Crisis Brings The End Of Glamour

heavenIn the News (translated from Javno): This year’s traditional Vanity Fair will have no hint of glamour because of the global crisis. The traditional glamorous party Vanity Fair fashion magazine organizes every year after the Oscar awards will this year be far from the glamour attendees of the event are used to. As the global economic crisis is affecting all areas, the leaders of the renowned magazine decided to organize a rather humble party and reduce the list of invitees as much as possible. “We will curb expenses this year,” the magazine’s editor said, adding that the party would resemble the magazine’s first party 15 years ago which was pretty humble.

My Comment: Naturally, everything that was artificially created by humans will eventually come to an end. Only the natural existence will stay, along with spiritual development.

Glamour is often so tasteless, because people just want to “sparkle.” But this is already disappearing. Glamour has outlived itself.

The crisis does not mean that the world is falling apart, but that its false, shiny shell is. And just like a chick is born from an egg, this shell will break to reveal the birth of a new life – a new world that exists by the eternal laws of Nature, the laws of bestowal and love.

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One Comment

  1. Dear Mr. Laitman,

    I was dreaming of the end of glamour…
    Googled the words and read your article.

    Is the global crisis really bringing the end of glamour?
    Film and music industries were already suffering big losses before the financial crisis launched the global crisis.

    Isn’t it internet that’s bringing the end of glamour?

    And will it be the end of glamour after all?

    New initiatives in the industry will use new technologies to find, promote and sell talent.
    Early fans will become stockholders of artists and will get free downloads and concert tickets, behind-the-scenes, and making-of extras.
    New artists will have to create a fan-base to pay the price of a first production.

    Will this price include the good old glitter and glamour?

    I personally sincerely hope it doesn’t, but I’m afraid it will.

    Best Regards,

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