What Will The Future Generaton Be Like?

aboveTwo questions I received about the future:

Question: In the future, will there be a generation that will be able to see and feel the Light? How will they see It, with their souls or even with their eyes?

My Answer: The spiritual world is attained inside the intention “to bestow,” which is born from our intention “to receive,” as a consequence of the Surrounding Light’s (Ohr Makif’s) influence on us. This Light corrects our egoistic intention, turning it into an altruistic one.

Question: Will Kabbalists become the world’s leaders one day?

My Answer: Certainly: in the future, the only people governing the world will be those who have completely attained it, meaning Kabbalists. People will understand this and institute it of their own accord; in other words, they will choose it.

Today we see how wrong the “blind” leaders of the world are and how they “lead” the world through suffering. And lately we see that they aren’t even able to hide their own confusion any longer.

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