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738Question: There were so many different kinds of natural disasters last year. The year started with a wild cold spell in Spain. They did not expect it and were not ready for it. There were earthquakes; there were floods in Indonesia. A glacier came down in the Indian Himalayas and buried 170 people. There was a sandstorm in Beijing and flooding in Australia. In Western Europe, heavy rains washed away cars and flooded cities. Fires raged in California, Turkey, and Greece. An earthquake in Haiti killed 2,200 people died. On the Canary Island of Palma, a volcano erupted for three months. This has not happened for 500 years. Dozens of tornadoes swept across the United States. A typhoon hit the Philippines and left havoc in its wake.

This is a short list of what happened. Can you translate to us in human language what nature is saying to us?

Answer: Nature tells us: “It serves you right!” Really, how you treat nature—disturbing its balance in everything possible, at all levels, in all cases and possibilities—this is how nature reacts.

Imagine that you have a sick body, the whole Earth, the whole globe. And what will you do?

Question: So what do we do?

Answer: Do not interfere, do not disturb its relative peace. It is in homeostasis—very well, let it stay that way, don’t touch it!

Question: But one way or another, don’t we have to produce something, extract minerals?

Answer: It depends in what doses. It’s like the doctor says: “In moderation.” It’s the same here: you dig into the ground, you start picking at it, taking stuff out, digging it out, pulling it out, sucking it out. You have to understand that it all needs to be replenished at some point.

We are slowly getting old and dying. The same thing probably happens with the Earth.

Question: How do we enter this dialog? How do we behave with nature so that we have homeostasis with it?

Answer: We must understand that this is a living organism, an actual living organism. And if we impact it, we must do everything very carefully and cautiously.

And it is necessary to compensate and to understand that if it is one organism, it does not matter where you operate. If you do something somewhere in Australia, it will resonate in Canada or somewhere in South America. We are really responsible here for everything and for everyone.

We have nothing but this land! We can’t fly anywhere and do anything. And we just do whatever we want here today! And there is no reaction, no calculation, no thought for tomorrow!

Comment: Our current thought is to gain from this—to earn more, more, and more money.

My Response: But then we lose 20 times more. We must compensate for all this.

Comment: A person has a thought: “After me, even a flood.”

My Response: The whole problem is in our egoism. That’s clear.

Question: If possible, can you give one more recipe? What is a person’s work with this organism called Earth?

Answer: The Earth is a very wise organism. Its laws, which are still unknown to us, hide huge layers of wisdom that are our future. And that’s why we need to treat it very carefully and with respect.

Question: So are you saying that if this thought enters a person and lives in him, then he will have a completely different attitude and everything in general?

Answer: Yes, which means if you dig with a shovel, you must explain why, for what, how, and how you will compensate for it. It’s as if you borrow from the Earth its matter, its energy, and its power that it will have to invest in what you, for example, plant in it.

Question: So even for such a small intervention, I have to make a huge calculation before I do it?

Answer: Yes. It’s an attitude, but it will save us. Otherwise the Earth, as it is said, “will spew you out.”

Comment: Yes, it will spew us out. It seems that the hints have already become very clear and are knocking on our door.

My Response: Yes. There is a beginning.

Comment: Let’s hope that we will understand.

My Response: No, there will be no hope here. Until a person corrects his egoism, he will inevitably harm nature and the planet he lives on. And it will be bad.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/30/21

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