Mutual Guarantee Is A Means To Rise Above Egoism

931.01Question: Does mutual guarantee free us from egoism?

Answer: Mutual guarantee does not destroy egoism, it raises us above it, as we usually say: faith above reason, the quality of Bina above the quality of Malchut, bestowal above reception.

Reception does not disappear. Everyone who is higher than the other, his egoism is greater. Therefore, we grow both in Malchut and in Bina. And this is how we rise.

Question: On what does it depend that some friends can accept the law of mutual guarantee much more easily than others?

Answer: It depends on the qualities of the soul, on its depth. But, in principle, we must understand that there is nothing else but the recognition of evil in our egoism, the opportunity to rise above it, connect with others, and attain the Creator in this state.

This is all we have: four stages of ascending to the Creator. In general, there is nothing difficult here. We have talked about this many times. This is what you have to do between you.

Question: To enter the mutual guarantee, do I receive strength only from the friends or can I receive it from my egoism, since it is beneficial for me?

Answer: For now, it is all mixed. You still cannot determine exactly where your strength comes from and what your intentions are. But this is at the beginning. Later you will have the opportunity to check yourself in the upper light.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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