We Should Become Transparent

707Poor Earth, all our shadows fall on it ( Stanisław Jerzy Lec).

Question: Why is it poor that our shadows fall on it?

Answer: Well said! This is exactly why it is poor. Our entire egoism and everything we obscure with ourselves, with our disgusting “I,” all of this falls on Earth.

We want to cover the Earth with all our egoism, literally cover it with all our egoistic intentions, desires, and thoughts, in everything.

Question: How should it be? After all, we are egoists.

Answer: We have to make an absolutely transparent body out of ourselves so that the light fully passes through us to the Earth.

We should not leave any traces of our own on the Earth at all! We must live on Earth as animals live on it. They do not pervert or vandalize the Earth, they do not distort it. We should be the same.

Question: Then our shadows will not fall? Will there be no shadow then?

Answer: Yes, this is our problem. Do you understand what we are doing to Earth?!

Question: So we should cast no shadow on Earth?

Answer: No.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/10/22

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