The Hidden Potential of Man

275In each of us, in a hidden form, are all the desires that will manifest themselves on the path of personal development from this moment to the very end of correction. The question is how to reveal and realize them in practice to accelerate one’s development.

Each person is like a baby in whom vast forces of growth are hidden. Our task is to reveal these forces and internal reserves through studying Kabbalah, joining in a group and prayer, and making every effort to transfer these forces from potential to action, from concealment to revelation.

The most effective way to do this is to work in a group because it is precisely there that these hidden forces arise. At first we all existed as one systemAdam haRishon. But it was shattered and then everyone lost the entire vast arsenal of powers, properties, knowledge, and sensations belonging to the complete system of the common soul.

And now everyone is left to exist as one small separate cell of the body in which he feels only his own temporary life as separate from others. This kind of existence is called a man of this world.

However, such a life does not bring happiness. We must return to the single system of Adam haRishon and realize ourselves in it with all our might, which means to connect with everyone else. Now we are given the opportunity to connect with our friends in the ten and return to group work, which is the first stage of the reconnection of Adam’s common system.

Information genes (Reshimot) are hidden in each of us and our entire path from today to the end of correction is placed in them until the revelation of the complete system of Adam haRishon. We are obliged to realize them. And the upper light continues to act, revealing more and more shattering if we do not keep up with correcting the system ahead of time. It turns out that we are going through increasingly difficult states of shattering in this world.

But if we strive to unite, we will find that our condition is improving. The goal of all evolution is to return us to a corrected state.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/22, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom”

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