The Law Of Love In The System Of Adam HaRishon

557We don’t know what love is. I love food, I love children, I love women, I love everything I can get pleasure from, fulfillment for my egoism.

And in spirituality, love means something completely different: the ability to fulfill the other, to feel his desires and enjoy the fact that you fulfill his desires. Therefore, the direction of love and its fulfillment is completely opposite of corporeal love.

The love of friends means connecting the parts of the common soul of Adam HaRishon who feel rejection between each other. In seeking to connect, they reveal their distance and separation and must correct their hatred into love. It is to the extent that hatred and misunderstanding are revealed between all the parts that they can connect and fill each other.

Therefore, love is the fulfillment and connection of opposites that are initially hated by each other.

We must restore our connection into the single system of Adam HaRishon according to which all nature is built. All its individual and global laws and principles stem from this system. And if we strive to connect these parts together despite their contradiction, then we will correct ourselves and all of reality.

As we draw closer to each other, we will gradually begin to feel that we are filling each other up and that we are in a perfect world. There is a mutual flow between the opposite parts: from minus to plus and from plus to minus. Therefore, we feel ourselves in an eternal world where there is a constant flow of life.

One does not want to destroy and kill the other, but on the contrary: we cross a certain boundary (Machsom) and then we feel that the negative and positive forces complement each other and produce an eternal flow that we also belong to. It gives a sense of eternal life.

Everything depends only on the measure of our connection, when we overcome the barrier before which we felt our oppositeness, and begin to fill each other. The sense of mutual fulfillment gives us a sense of eternity where there is no death.

You just need to learn how to better connect with your friends for mutual fulfillment so that you don’t see any flaws in anyone but only an invitation to correction and unity.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/20, “The Law of Love in the System of Adam HaRishon”

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