Take A Deeper Breath

243.03If I am unable to restrict my egoism and let the group into the free space in my heart, then the group must give me artificial resuscitation. It is as if I am lying breathless, unconscious, and the group is pressing down on my chest so I can exhale and then start breathing. Meaning, it helps me contract in order to begin expanding again.

Expansion occurs naturally, as part of nature, and I must produce compression through my own efforts. And if I cannot do it, then the group must help me and apply pressure on me to start breathing in spiritual life, breathing in spiritual air.

The group presses on everyone with love, this will be the pressure that forces me to exhale air. This is how resuscitators revive a lifeless person: it would seem that it was necessary to fill him with air, but no, they press on his chest to let the air out.

The group in the same manner puts pressure on everyone with love so that one feels that there are people around him who are bound by love and unity and who call him to do the same. This love obligates him: he gives up breathing himself and allows his friends to enter him and expand him by force. And when he expands due to their work, he will also be obligated to expand his love for them, that is, to show love for all.

There are two forms of advancement toward the goal of creation, toward correction. If we make the efforts on our own to advance through the group with the influence of the environment, reviving each other with artificial respiration, then this will be the path of light (Ahishena). And if we don’t, the global ventilator starts rolling over us like a roller of evolution, squeezing all the air out of us so that we are ready to inhale the spiritual air.

There is one point (Malchut) that belongs to man and the rest, the upper nine Sefirot, are the qualities of the friends or the group. I must restrict myself within these nine Sefirot without leaving any of my desires there. If I want to bestow in these nine Sefirot, then I inject the qualities of my friends into them, and they turn into bestowing qualities for me. Thus, I bestow to my friends and through them, I offer a place for the Creator to clothe in.

If we commit ourselves to influence everyone in the group, show our love and unity to awaken each friend, it will push him forward because he will also want to advance. This is practical Kabbalah.

Inhaling and exhaling should constantly alternate. After all, every time we breathe in the spiritual air we realize that it turned into the material one because our egoistic desire was added to it.

Therefore, we have to forcefully exhale it and inhale new spiritual air for the sake of bestowal, and this will be a step toward the next spiritual degree.

This is how we ascend up the spiritual ladder: each time we discover that the current step is somehow egoistic, we exhale it in order to breathe in fresh spiritual air instead, a new force of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/18/20, “A Time of Contraction and A Time of Expansion”

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