I Dwell Among My Own People

259.02The desire to unite society is beneficial only if it is directed toward the upper force. If the connection is directed toward all other forces, it destroys society as it happened in Russia a hundred years ago. For this reason, the attempt to come to a just society failed and still does not allow this country recover from its consequences.

All this is because the connection was not directed toward the upper force, because they did not try to call on the force that would rule over them, but wanted to control everyone themselves.

The task of man is to reveal the Creator, the general force of nature, not to invent his own goal of the development of humanity, but to implement the plan of nature, that is, universal connection where everyone is equal. Only under this condition can we reveal the Creator, and our connection will be successful.

Even today, humanity is in a difficult situation, in a dead end that may prove to be the end of human development. It is possible to get out of it only if “we” becomes more important for us than “I,” not for the sake of the victory of socialism, but for the sake of connection with the only upper force of nature, that is, the Creator.

We cannot connect by ourselves if the Creator does not unite us. He is the glue that connects us together. It is not accidental that the Creator is called the middle line. He connects two opposite poles, and only in this form can we reach a successful connection.

The Creator is perfection because He includes all the contradictory forces and qualities that exist in nature. Therefore, if we correctly connect all the forces and tendencies that are revealed in us, we reach perfection, mutual compensation of all contradictions.

America today faces the same mistake that Russia made when trying to make a socialist revolution. Americans hope that democracy will bring them a good future. However, this will lead to nothing but destruction because this is exactly the same direction that Russia took a hundred years ago.

It must be admitted that the great French and great October Revolutions had huge impact on the correct development of human society. Humanity learned valuable lessons from them. France gave the world the principles of the structure of society, an attitude toward nature, and personal freedom that are still valid today.

The Russian revolution differs from the French by the fact that it was conducted not in a personal, individual direction but a public one. But we see that humanity could not hold on to any of these principles, and this whole philosophy is failing today. It is necessary to determine the future form of humanity, but people have no answers for this. No one knows how to put human society in order.

All this is happening so we eventually raise our hands, and out of hopelessness pay attention to the wisdom of Kabbalah as we realize it has a solution.

The principle of “taking after the collective (following the majority) ” means a true connection of society above the human mind, and this is exactly what will succeed. An individual acts within reason, and the collective acts above reason. The collective is the carrier of the upper force, of spirituality, and the individual carries within him only the corporeal science that is available at the moment.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/20, “I Dwell Among My Own People”

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