You Should Start With Love For People

942We are moving from the love of creation to the love of the Creator. Love for the Creator is perfect love in the whole system, where the light and the vessel are revealed together, mutually supporting each other.

But we need to start with the love of creation, that is, to draw near each other in the tens until we no longer feel the difference between us, so that our desires and feelings merge into one common feeling. Everyone must complete the others in this. We are not talking about physical connection, which belongs to the animal level, but about a human one, that is, not on the physical, but on the sensory level.

This connection begins with unfounded hatred, which has no explanation other than it was created by the Creator. And from it we must come to brotherly love as one person with one heart.

Do not take the example of a world where there is struggle and everyone is merging their strength, like quarrelsome children. We must follow the advice of Kabbalists and see ourselves at the final stage of the correction process. We have passed through many cycles of life on this earth over thousands of years. And it is not by chance that we have now discovered the science of Kabbalah. In this world, nothing is random, everything is calculated from the system of the common soul.

Therefore, we must work together and achieve unity. If someone falls out, what should we do? Apparently this is his fate. But we will try to put together our system and come to a mutual connection based on equality and love. After all, love is the strongest bond possible.

“From the love of creatures to the love of the Creator,” because the Creator is a global system that is revealed to us. The Creator is a generalization, the sum of all souls and the reason for their creation, the source.

Love is a complete mutual connection in which each seeks only how to complete the others. This is the form of existence of the common soul.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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