A Storage of Thoughts and Desires

420.06Question: In 1946, the remarkable neuropsychologist Carl Lashley conducted a series of experiments on rats in which he taught them to perform a series of tasks, such as race for the shortest path in a maze, etc.

He then removed various parts of the rats’ brains and retested them. His goal was to remove the part of the brain in which the memory of the ability to run through the maze was stored.

To his surprise, he found that regardless of which parts of the brain were removed, the memory as a whole could not be eliminated. Usually, only the motor skills of the rats were disturbed as they were barely able to hobble through the maze. But even with the removal of a significant part of the brain, their memory remained intact.

How can it be that surgery does not affect memory?

Answer: We are just detectors, recipients, of the vast amount of information that exists outside of us. And it’s all outside of us. All our feelings and thoughts are not held within us.

The heart is not a sense organ, but a pump that reacts very sharply to all kinds of pressure drops, innervations, etc. The brain is the same. The repository of all our desires and thoughts is outside of us. Around us is an information field and we can say that by connecting to it, we manifest this field in our various actions.

The brain is a tool with which we seem to connect to an external information field and within itself conceals a record of all information.

Question: And then where is all the information stored, all the memories?

Answer: Outside of us! Memory is not at the intersection of synapses. There is none of this. It is arranged this way only in order to transform information coming from an external degree that is inaccessible to our perception into something that we can work with.

Meaning, the brain is like a computer, let’s say in the same way that you connect your computer to the Internet. The Internet is like a worldwide virtual mass memory and a computer is something that can extract something from it and present it to us for use.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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