Where Are Our Desires And Thoughts Located?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where is a person’s desire located: in the body, outside of it, in the air, or next to the person?

Answer: There are no desires in the body at all. We can replace every single organ in one’s body, make as many transplants as we want, but we won’t impact the human in that body whatsoever.

When half a century ago Professor Barnard from South Africa made the first heart transplant ever, everybody worried: “What will happen with the patient? What will he feel afterwards?” Nothing at all! The heart is simply a mechanism that pumps blood, nothing more than that.

Even if we make a brain transplant, nothing will change. Our brain is not a thinking unit; it doesn’t form thoughts. It’s only a conductor that connects us with the universal field of reason. Our desires also exist in the same field, and not in our bodies. Our body seemingly exists in that field and merely perceives it. A little induction brought upon us is in fact life that we sense.

Question: In other words, in the integral reason, when a person enters the general field of love, he starts to use his conductor by all 100% and thus develops it further?

Answer: Yes, but it will be not the same brain that we currently have!

We only have a tool similar to an induction coil that picks up the field outside and it triggers certain currents in it. And what we feel is these currents, those of them that we are able to recognize, master, and be aware of. In reality, however, the field that surrounds us is tremendously powerful and intense.

Question: By intensifying our “coil” by 100%, do we expand our awareness?

Answer: It expands only when we connect with others. So, if we want to “launch” ourselves and turn into a reliable “solenoid,” we have to penetrate into and acquire other people’s desires, to contemplate and feel how we can get closer to others and help them get closer to each other.
From KabTV’s “Talks with Michael Laitman,” 11/3/12

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