The Brain Is A Modem

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The first human head transplant is about to take place in 2017. How will a person feel after such an operation?

Answer: Similar questions were raised when the first heart transplant was planned, and what has changed? What is so special here?

A head is simply the control unit that manages the body by sending signals so that the body will operate properly, nothing more than that. The body will continue to function as long as the head is precisely connected to the body. I don’t see anything supernatural in it.

How many heart transplants take place today? When such an operation took place for the first time in South Africa, it seemed to be a revolution, but no, they simply placed a new pump to make the blood flow. It is the same with the head.

The head is not an organ that records information. The recording of all the information is in the space that surrounds us and the head is only a modem that connects the body with the space that surrounds us in order to operate the body according to the orders that it receives from there.

All the laws, the records, the information, everything, are stored in the space around us. Our brain perceives this information, processes it, and conveys the orders to the body and thus operates it so that it can perform certain actions besides the general functioning of the body and that’s all.

Thus the brain, like the mind, basically carries out all our egoistic desires. The brain serves the desire.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/20/15

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