Acquiring New Consciousness

294.4Question: Is the fact that we perceive everything separately actually an illusion, since in reality everything is interconnected?

Answer: Of course. In order to perceive what really exists outside of us, we have to exit ourselves. Is it possible or not? Which of us is able to exit our senses, our ideas, desires, thoughts, and even our instinctive attitude to all kinds of phenomena?

We have no idea how we filter out information that to us seems unnecessary, implicit, and unimportant. That is, we cannot put ourselves in the framework of a true and objective observer. To do this, we just need to leave ourselves, exit ourselves from the outside. But then with what qualities will we observe this universe?

If we are speaking from the point of view of the ontology of cognition of reality, then we must completely leave all the qualities of our body, our consciousness, and acquire another body, another consciousness, which is in full compliance with those objective laws, qualities, and forces of the universe that are outside of us. Then based on them, we will be able to observe the picture that is undisturbed by us.

Question: What does another body and another consciousness mean? How can we imagine this?

Answer: Let’s say we call it a soul or simply something that we do not have, but that can appear next to us. Somehow through it, I can feel the world around me as it is and not as it passes through my eyes, ears, tactile sensations, nerves, taste or olfactory receptors.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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