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laitman_561Question: How do you feel about euthanasia? There is a new invention: a machine that allows terminally ill patients to die completely painlessly and in just a few seconds. And the person can be buried right away, right in this machine. How do you feel about such an exit from life: easy, calm, without fear?

Answer: In principle, I cannot say anything. It is a personal decision. Death is always painful, always unpleasant. Today, many people take advantage of a variety of options to move on to the next world painlessly. But this is just one point of view.

From another point view, Baal HaSulam used to say that, if possible, it is worth trying not to avoid this pain. It’s difficult to talk like this, but I have to tell people this because this pain is anti-egoistic. It cleanses a person.

We need to make sure that an individual has already crossed over into a different life before he leaves this one. Then, parting with this life will not be painful for him—he has left and that’s it.

Let’s hope that we are now approaching a time when humanity is capable of discovering this possibility for itself, then it will be a simple, calm transition from one life to another.

In principle, euthanasia is not necessary. If I already feel the next state, then I can just allow my body to die. I observe its death from afar and this isn’t painful for me in any way. It isn’t frightening or sad. I am already living within my next body—my spiritual body, the body of the soul.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 12/14/17

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