Man Is Someone Who Is Compassionate

627.2Remark: The 12th century Persian Sufi poet Saadi said: “If you are indifferent to the suffering of others, you cannot be called a human being.”

My Reply: Yes. Only someone who is compassionate can be called a human being.

This means that he has an impulse to connect with others. And in the right connection with others: in compassion, in good communication, etc., a person builds his matrix called Adam (man).

Question: In other words, consciously or subconsciously, he feels that he is connected with his neighbor, depends on him, and that is why the suffering of his neighbor is close to him?

Answer: This already depends on his degree and his motives. If he feels that he is dependent on others, does this dependence compel him to be compassionate? But this is an egoistic version of compassion.

Question: What is compassion for others for a Kabbalist?

Answer: For a Kabbalist, to feel compassion for others is to lift someone out of a state of suffering without leaving him there even for a moment.

As soon as I see another person suffering, I must immediately, by any means—usually through compassion with him—show him that I sympathize with him and start slowly pulling him out.

There must be an attempt or an action when you specifically put yourself in the same state he is in and start raising him.

Question: How do you raise him? What do you say to him? What do you do?

Answer: It depends on what state he is in, what feelings, what type of hardship. But, in principle, I must convey to him the globality of the world, the globality of humanity, the globality and eternity of our existence, that in fact there is nothing evil or bad in the world and in nature.

Whatever happens to our body, to our loved ones, something we cannot even imagine, God forbid, any difficulties and problems, all the same, it all just passes through our body, which is anyway intended for death and nothing more. And our soul undergoes continuous ascents, and we must cling to the soul and think about it.

Question: When it is said that a Kabbalist feels the suffering of the whole world, what does it mean?

Answer: The suffering of the whole world is suffering because people are still very far from starting their ascent toward equivalence of form with the Creator. After all, there is such a wonderful opportunity to start ascending and together help everyone so that there will be no difficulty for anyone to constantly be in ascent and in revelation of the Creator. The revelation of the Creator is the attainment of eternal perfection, and we do not use it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/18/20

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