Heaven And Hell – Here And Now

laitman_207Question: Is there a heavenly court that determines where the person will go after his death, heaven or hell?

Answer: We are within a rigid system that is bound with iron fetters. This is a program that encompasses and includes all of creation.

Through our behavior, which depends upon our characteristics, we influence the system and feel its reaction. This is called judgment and mercy. According to how the person influences the system, it reacts, influences, and acts on him. This is called the “heavenly court.” So, we need to learn how to behave to influence the system only positively.

Question: Does it follow that we feel heaven or hell here and now and not somewhere after death?

Answer: Absolutely! There is no other heaven or hell other than what is found here in this world. I myself determine where I am found, in heaven or in hell. If I determine that my egoistic desire is hell because it buries me underneath it and doesn’t let me reach and attain eternal life, I feel myself in hell.

It is excellent that you have understood this. It means that now you will try to break out of your ego and attain heaven, and you truly will begin to feel yourself in an eternal and perfect world. You will feel that you are living in heaven and will not be concerned about your body at all.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/1/15

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