Turn Life Into A Game

275Question: Our entire life is based on a game. Russian sociologist Vladimir Ilyin wrote, “The game is a different life, acting as a man-made oasis inside the chaos of real life.”

If the game is our entire life, how can a person distinguish what is real life and what is a game?

Answer: There is no need to distinguish, you need to turn life into a game. This will be good.

Question: How can you not remain a small child?

Answer: Let me be a little child. I should feel like a little kid. What does it mean that I am big? What am I so big in? Nowhere and in nothing.

On the contrary, let me feel that I am small in comparison with the entire universe, with all the huge cosmos, and there are things for me to comprehend, to receive, and to be filled with to live with my eyes and my mouth open.

Question: The first function of the game is to compensate for the unused energy in the struggle for survival. A person accumulates energy, often negative, which he must somehow throw away, realize.

How can a person realize this negative energy today, so that it does not lead to fatal outcomes? How can a person use the negative energy that accumulates in him or her for constructive causes?

Answer: You must show a person the meaning, that this meaning is directly connected to him, and what can be the reward for realizing this meaning.

Question: The game ensures the preservation of the qualities given by nature, but are not required in the real life of an individual. How can a person reveal and recognize the hidden qualities, the hidden opportunities, that nature has implanted in him?

Answer: Only in a group. In a particular group of people when all of them are engaged in discovering their internal, unused, potential opportunities in order to rise above themselves. Above themselves is only in the society.

Thus, we need to gather together into a group where everyone wants to rise above themselves to reach such a connection between them when they will rise together into something common. Let us say ten people come together and become one. This “one” will consist of all of them, but together they will feel that this qualitative change in themselves that everyone became ten times smarter, ten times stronger, ten times more perspicacious, and so on.

Question: In an imperfect world with a hectic life, the game creates temporary, limited perfection. This is always some kind of a short cycle. Can the game be turned into an infinite game so that it does not end?

Answer: Yes, this is what a game is. A real game is one that can be turned into an endless game, an endless activity. However, only if there are many of us.

You cannot play the game alone. When there are many of us, we create completely different combinations through the game, as in a kaleidoscope. Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? When you turn it the pieces of broken glass inside it move into some kind of structure. So, do we.

When we make a kaleidoscope out of ourselves in this way, we get such pictures! We begin to discover ourselves as joint, compatible in such a form that in the end we receive one single whole, we become Adam (Man), that is, a combined element.

Question: What is a real game that is a win-win for everyone?

Answer: This is when a person reveals the true universe and begins playing it for real. In earnest!

Question: What does it mean to play in earnest?

Answer: It is when one plays above life and death, not for life and not for death, but above them for connection with others and builds perfection together with them. Only perfection can fill a person with meaning.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/12/20

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