What Will Become Of Us?

555Remark: We see that the virus has changed people. There used to be all these races: where to go to rest, where to fly to, buying plane tickets in advance, what to buy, how to dress. All of these occupied a person’s central thoughts.

Today, a person has an incomprehensible future, he has anxiety, something was born inside him that begins to ask: “What will become of me?”

My Comment: Now a question about the future arises in a person. It has always seemed to us that the future was moving along some kind of developing egoistic steps. Now, this is no longer true and will not be like that in the future; everything is ending. The virus is eating up this future, and therefore we do not know how to build it.

Remark: There was always such a linear development of egoism that tomorrow there would be something, the day after tomorrow there would be something.

My Comment: There would be even more, it will be even better! Let’s fly to the stars. “And apple trees will bloom on Mars,” etc.

Only 20 to 30 years have passed; look at what is being done with the Earth, with outer space, and with everything! There is no solution anywhere! This is a terrible disappointment of all humanity in itself. This is a stunning change.

But that is great! We are finally starting to remove the veil from our eyes. Our selfishness blinded us: I will build it for you; I will do it for you! Come on, look! Go to the sea, go abroad! Look how many beautiful girls! Look what music there is! Look at what is being done! What a life! That is all.

Remark:  So when we hear there will be no life, this is what our egoism tells us. On the contrary, there will be life, but our egoism says: there will be no life.

My Comment: Yes. Therefore, we welcome it. Selfishness moves us forward.

Question: Despite the fact that it is now painting complete blackness for us. Do you call this forward?

Answer: It paints it correctly for us because inside it we will feel like this.

Question: So if we are following the egoistic path that we have followed so far, is there an abyss ahead?

Answer: Yes, but in nature, after all, this is done in advance that all ends well anyway. It cannot be in our life, in our world, in this nature so that everything is so stupid with a dead-end beyond which there is nothing. It is reborn, just as all stages and times in nature are reborn.

The future step determines darkness because it is not darkness. What seems as darkness ahead of us is already a future step that we feel as darkness today because we are not yet determined to see this step.

When we take a good look at the darkness, suddenly we will see: this is not darkness, these are not even silhouettes, these are not even some semi-gloomy states. It is actually a huge light! This is a new world.

Question: Has the highest step been lowered to us now? To us, it seems to be absolute darkness now. We want to live as we lived, but we can no longer live as we did. What should be done now? Grab hold of it?

Answer: We must accept it as it is and try to adapt to it; what is in it is the very best. In this way, we will re-educate ourselves.

Question: What is the next step?

Answer: It is a new world in which a person will exist in the forces of good, connection, bestowal, and love. It is approaching, and therefore it seems to us as darkness. But everything will be fine. The virus will help us.

Question: Does this push from behind drive us exactly to this stage? Does it definitely lead to this stage?

Answer: Yes. Viruses actually define our entire life. We are all just viruses. We can say that we are made of them. Even scientists say so. Therefore, we must see the correct changes in our nature in this.

Question: If I now direct myself even a little bit to this step with good thoughts, will I try to be in them?

Answer: Then you will adapt to it quickly, easily, and you will not feel there is some kind of abrupt transition to the next step at all.

Question: So is the future world good and bright?

Answer: It is already coming; it is already here. Let’s take it! Let’s not do any virology at all. We will all work together to adapt to each other. Suddenly this virus will be between us as a link. We will begin to feel each other closer to our hearts. All will pass.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/22/20

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