I Am Still Young

715Question: Soon you will be 75 years old. You are a very cheerful, positive, and pleasant person all the time. One can see that you have good internal energy. Do you have any tips on how to wake up being cheerful and in a good mood?

Answer: I cannot give advice because I have a special job. I wake up at half past one in the morning and starting from three in the morning I officially give lessons over the Internet to thousands of students around the world.

Question: Why does this happen at night?

Answer: So no one interferes and distracts people from classes. Plus, it’s not night everywhere. My students literally live on all continents and they all connect to us. Perhaps, it is convenient for some and not very convenient for others. But it has been established this way from generation to generation that Kabbalah is taught at night.

Question: When do you rest? Sleep is a physiological need and you have to do it.

Answer: After the lesson from six to seven in the morning I sleep for about an hour, sometimes maybe even an hour and a half. And then I go to bed between eight and nine pm. After many years I have adapted to such a schedule and I cannot do it any other way.

Comment: Your example shows that if someone engages in doing something and understands why he is doing it, he can adapt to any sleep pattern. And he does not lose health and remains in excellent physical and mental shape.

My Response: I am still young. I am only 75 years old.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 7/29/21

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