When There Is No Vitality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person overcome growing indifference? Today even people who have creative jobs lose interest in everything, not to mention other people. Take a tile-setter, for example, he can hardly lay one tile; he sits next to it all day and cannot continue. How can we create the necessary motivation if it doesn’t exist?

Answer: There is nothing we can do. You cannot show a person that something is vital for him. He cannot force himself.

Our desire has stopped its linear development, and is now becoming “round” together with the desires of others growing into one integral system. If you don’t practically take a person “by the hand” and lead him into this integral system, he will not be able to do anything because he will not fill the new filling, the integral system that is individually developing inside him.

These are two totally different systems: an individual, linear one and a discreet, analog one. We are entering an integral analog level now and this is a problem; general lethargy and detachment are growing. We are facing today what started in the 50’s as a youth revolution but is now in the form of a much more serious crisis.

The lack of desire is a lack of energy since the desire is the basis for our whole existence. If in the past we could overcome the indifference by the fear of hunger or punishment, today even this doesn’t work anymore. A person cannot do anything by himself, even if you threaten to kill him!

This is the limit when humanity needs a new group psychology.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/23/12

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