Connection Above All The Differences

Connection Above All The DifferencesQuestion: When we participate in the roundtable discussions, how can we explain that it’s worthwhile to attain connection above all the differences?

Answer: People usually like to argue, but instead of arguments I want to explain to them that connection is above everything. Let’s leave our dispute and not sink into it, but rise above it. Clearly, if we connect, we draw the upper Light upon us, which fixes everything. But how can I explain this to a person who doesn’t even know that all this exists?

The explanation is very simple. There is absolute abundance in the world! There are no problems except for one single problem, which is the fact that people are not connected and cannot get along. They cannot divide this wealth and abundance among them as they should, and so there is such great friction among everyone and the whole world suffers.

We all suffer only because of the human ego. But the moment we connect, we’ll immediately discover the way to fix everything so that everyone will receive what he deserves and equally with everyone else. Therefore, the connection is the solution to all our problems.

If, on the one hand, we receive all the abundance from nature and on the other hand the world is such a bad and painful place, it’s only because people can’t fix it. If they connect they will reach true prosperity.
From the Workshop in Toronto 6/20/12

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