Prenatal Development In Spirituality

237Question: Does a person feel his spiritual prenatal state?

Answer: We must begin to feel that we are all inside the Creator, as it is written: “There is none else besides Him.”

If I put myself in the feeling that I am inside the womb of the spiritual upper mother, the so-called Elokim, and this is the property of Bina, which raises me, fully cares for me, and determines all my feelings, thoughts, properties, and actions, and I try to hold on to her with all my might, this means that I adhere to her, to her womb, and want to act only in harmony with her. This is how I develop.

Try to think about this all the time: “There is none else besides Him. And all this is only in order to develop me in the right direction. He is good and doing good.” If I keep thinking this way all the time, then I adhere to the upper one and begin to feel that I am inside the spiritual mother.

After passing through several such stages, I am born, meaning I begin to understand her even more, to feel her, to see her. This is how the birth process takes place, perhaps, not very pleasantly, somewhat dramatically, but relatively briefly.

And after that, a different connection with the upper one is realized that flows constantly, only on a higher level, when you already understand more, know more, babble, smile in a spiritual sense, and feel a different reaction.

You have a connection, but not on an inanimate level where the main thing for you is to grasp, and you still do not feel anything. It is like an insensitive mother who does not really react to you because you do not have the corresponding feelings of perception yet.

And then, by developing your perception, you see her in a different way, like a child who begins to feel his mother.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #18

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