In The Prenatal State

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to understand and settle in the quickly changing modern world, we need to know the following: What are the changes we need to undergo and why do we need to make these changes? What is the reason for our current lack of success in everything we do? What is the means that will help us transition to the new state?

Can we regard our current state as prenatal, where the mother giving birth to us is nature, both our internal and external nature that is pressuring and forcing us to attain a new state?

Is this process natural for the development of humanity? After all, if we knew about it in advance, we would anticipate this process.

People, living in the times of slavery, did not know what would come from a new society that would give them some freedom. They thought that slavery was the most convenient state, since they didn’t need to worry about themselves. I am prepared to work when I know that someone will take care of my food and shelter. And there is nothing else that I need.

This is what a person thought when he became a slave. He expected the owner to take care of him and was ready to work for him. The owner was interested in providing the slave with food, shelter, normal living conditions, and good health since he gained more than he invested into the slave. So they coexisted on these mutually beneficial terms.

But suddenly it became clear that it was no longer beneficial for the owner to keep a slave who required an investment greater than the profit he brought in. But what if I were to give him freedom where we agree that he will remain close to me and continue to work, and from his work, I will receive a percentage: This is better than thinking about providing for him.

In this way society evolved to a new degree. Even today, we are on some stage of rational development towards a new state. Then why aren’t we able to see and plan for this new state?

We have enough great minds and vast experience from the entire history of mankind; we have science, scientists, and a highly developed world. Why do we suddenly become small, pathetic, blind, incapable of anything, in spite of our international committees and agencies, research institutes and universities, armies of psychologists, sociologists, economists, and financial experts?

With all this, there is nothing we can do. So what do our scientists lack to find the solution? It is so hopeless that you and I are now taking a class to find the solution. We can no longer rely on experience, now we have to artificially study this new life we are approaching.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/27/11

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