Are Animals Destroying Us?

720Comment: In India, scientists have discovered a deadly virus in bats for the first time. It is transmitted both to humans from animals and from an infected person to other people. The mortality rate from the disease is 40-75%. There is no vaccine or medicine for it. (World Health Organization)

In Australia, after a drought and forest fires, a new adversity has hit the country: mice. Millions and millions of mice have entered farms and cities. They are not affected by poison, floods, or the cold weather. (The Guardian)

The most dangerous species of termites in the world has been discovered in Israel. They eat everything they come across: buildings, trees, and plastic. (The Times of Israel)

It feels like animals are attacking us today. Nature has begun to press us very hard.

Question: Can you give your comment on this?

Answer: We oppose ourselves to all the forces of nature by our relationships with each other. The most important thing is between people and generally with regard to nature, our consumeristic attitude toward it.

As a result, nature learns from us to treat us the way we treat it. There is nothing you can do about it! Is there a greater pest in our world than man?! He is the only pest! Everything else is environmentally friendly. If necessary, something eats something, but all this is within the framework of general interdependence, ecology, and so on.

Man, however, indiscriminately like a flamethrower torches everything and does what he wants.

Question: It never happened before, why is it happening now?

Answer: We have already reached the beginning of the finish line. This is the beginning of the end. The unbridled egoism of a person begins to manifest itself and in such a form that it is really impossible to restrain it.

Look at what we are doing with mutual hatred, what we are doing with weapons, armaments. Why do we need so much?! Billions and billions of tons of TNT-equivalent nuclear charges and so on. What for?! Why do we need more and more?! A person simply cannot stop.

Therefore, as a result, we violate all the equilibrium that could exist in nature and exceed this by egoistic disequilibrium by billions of times. And nature begins to react.

Question: Why precisely through animals?

Answer: They are the closest to us! Inanimate, vegetative, animate, and then human degrees. If we ourselves scramble down from the human degree to the animal degree, then we bring all our egoistic disequilibrium there. Therefore, the animate degree becomes so unbridled and irrepressible that it is also ready to devour everything.

Question: How can we understand that they are urging us to do something?

Answer: They by themselves do not urge us to anything. There is no reasonable answer there. It is an instinct that reacts to our incorrect interference in it. After all, we are breaking this entire balance at our level. When it passes to the animals, there is already such mayhem going on.

Question: You are saying that the pyramid is like this: human, animal, vegetable, and inanimate. Does it mean that we have descended from the human degree to the animal degree because of our hatred and lack of love for each other?

Answer: Instead of raising ourselves and them together with us and creating a general balance in all of nature and bringing it from this pyramidal state into a round one, so that everything complements one another, we instead lower all of nature by descending to the animalistic degree and even to the vegetative degree.

We do not want to consider anything, except our egoism. We also consider our egoism only to the extent that it is convenient for us.

Comment: You once said that humanity has already adopted some kind of round state.

My Response: We are given such a state as our goal from above, and we are completely opposite to it from below.

Question: Is the mutual interconnection of humanity, interdependence, a goal that is given to us from above?

Answer: Yes. Nature treats us as one single whole. Look, all kinds of diseases, viruses, fires, hurricanes, and so on are descending on us. All this is generally given to all of humanity and not to any particular part of it or even to one main land. Yet, we react to this absolutely one-sidedly. That is, it does not matter to us where and what, the main thing is me.

Instead, we need to react in such a way that through our correct relationships we could eventually make the world balanced and round.

Question: Who will whisper this to us? Animals will not do that.

Answer: We could whisper, but no one hears either whispers or screams. In this case it means suffering. I hope that suffering will quickly lead us to understanding, and understanding will lead to the correct decision.

Question: So that we ourselves will shorten the period of suffering?

Answer: Yes. It depends on the dissemination of the method of Kabbalah. Only it speaks about what can be done in this state in our world.

Question: To bring the world to balance?

Answer: Yes, there is no other possibility.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/28/21

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