The Lot Fell Out And You Are Going Forward

276.02Prophets, “Joshua,” 13:6: Only divide it by lot to the Israelites for an inheritance, as I have commanded you.

Question: What does it mean to cast lots?

Answer: The fact is that everything is predetermined and the whole future picture is extremely clear in all details and in all states.

But all the tribes must internally agree with this. On one hand, they must understand the division of the land (desire), on the other hand, the connection between themselves to realize that everything comes from the Creator. Only in this way can they land on this particular desire.

Therefore, whether you agree or not, the lot has been cast, and you are moving forward.

Question: Which is more difficult: to move by lot or by consent?

Answer: By consent. The lot descends from above. Like it or not, you agree. When you yourself wish, or at least you yourself cast lots, this is another matter. This is already work.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/2/21

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