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281.02Question: How many years do you have to go with your eyes closed in faith above reason in order to understand where you are?

Answer: As soon as you can go with your eyes closed in faith above reason, your eyes will immediately open.

Question: Is it possible to connect a situation when friends go together toward a spiritual goal and at the same time are engaged in some common hobby, for example, soccer?

Answer: Kabbalah does not consider that a person should be limited in any way. But he must study so seriously that he can see that he is changing his preferences anyway. His awareness of good and evil changes and so does the benefit gained from this or that occupation. That is, a reassessment of values ​​takes place in his life.

Question: How can I help my friends increase their desire for spiritual advancement?

Answer: By setting an example.

Question: How can we feel that we are working correctly with the states that the Creator sends us?

Answer: If each of your states ultimately leads you to a greater connection with the group and through it with the Creator, then it is realized correctly.

Basically all the states that you receive are necessary for your spiritual advancement. And their correct realization occurs only if you direct them to a greater connection with the group.

Question: How do we acquire the Hisaron (desire) to ask you questions?

Answer: It depends on how much you work on yourself. Usually questions arise in people who systematically study, take notes, summarize, and analyze. As a result of such studies, they have serious questions, claims, and complaints. in general, anything. But only if a person is serious and consistently works on himself.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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