How Can Volcanoes Be Extinguished?

738Comment: In Italy, four craters of Mount Etna have awoken and also volcanoes on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, Mount Sinabung, and in the northern Kuril Islands, Mount Ebeko, and before that, the Kamchatka giant, Klyuchevskoi, woke up. Now four volcanoes are carrying ash into the atmosphere at once.

There is a danger of a volcanic eruption in the heart of Europe, in Germany, in the area of the volcanic fields of Eifel. This would stop almost all of Europe.

They say that if one volcano starts really becoming active, then immediately the chain joins. And there are 20 large, giant volcanoes in total.

We dream about something, we quarrel, we play war games, countries argue with each other. And suddenly the eruption of only one volcano or several volcanoes, and that’s it! That is, we are nothing on the surface of the Earth! And no one can predict when this volcano will explode!

If humanity felt this, would it change?

My Response: No! Why would it change?

Comment: You begin to feel that everything you do is such a small thing, and you need to somehow have time to do something good, to have time to love.

My Response: Why? If not this time, then the next time when the volcanoes erupt into the sky, everything will disappear. Between these two “puffs” in the atmosphere to have time for something? For what?! Sit, drink beer, calmly wait for what will happen to happen. And that’s it.

Comment: This is one of the positions. But even this position would end an active nuclear race, the active hatred of each other. Let them sit aloof. Maybe it would be even better.

My Response: Or we advance to the goal of creation, as Kabbalah says, in a serious way. And then, of course, every second is precious to us because we write ourselves in eternity! Or what difference does it make what happens and when it happens?

Therefore live quietly, drink beer, sit and watch TV shows, football. When one of these volcanoes or all of them together puff up their smoke, then that’s it, the shop will close. In the meantime, try to do what you can to raise your soul.

And what else is left?! There is nothing else! Only these two options.

Question: Does the fact that these volcanoes constantly remind us that there may be a catastrophe mean anything? Does nature speak to us?

Answer: This suggests that we find the reason for our behavior and the behavior of nature. We have to find the reason for all this. And then we will understand that everything depends on us, that we need to deal with ourselves in this way in order to calm the volcanoes.

It all depends on us! You can calm the volcanoes at once. But only together.

When we will be all squeezed into such a fiery circle, then maybe people will hear. Let’s think well of each other and of all nature. Let us restore order, balance between ourselves, and balance between ourselves and nature. Let’s decide how to do it. We’ll have time for everything, we can solve everything. Just let’s move in this direction so that everything between us and between us and nature is as smooth as water.

Question: So you are saying that this is how nature’s dialogue with man takes place?

Answer: Of course! But this is not yet a dialogue, but a monologue.

Question: So we have not yet entered into a dialogue with nature?

Answer: No. But it expects this.

Question: And so the volcanoes just puff up, and don’t immediately burn us?

Answer: Yes. It is very interesting how nature plays with us. There are so many such mysterious, unpredictable, and threatening phenomena of nature that it simply puts in front of itself.

Question: How do we enter into a dialogue with it?

Answer: Start balancing our relations.

We must realize, understand, and accept, even if we do not understand, then accept that we are at the highest stage of nature. If we create the right relationship between ourselves, without jerks, distortions, without hatred, without anything, so that we are just comfortable, pleasant, and calm, then all nature will calm down beneath us. And that’s it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/29/2021

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