You Must Listen Only To Yourself

621Most people stop looking when they find the proverbial needle in the haystack. I would continue looking to see if there were other needles.
(Albert Einstein)

Comment: Einstein is reputed to have said that in reply to being asked how his intelligence differed from others’ intelligence.

My Response: In general, this is true. But who is capable of it? Immediately there are disappointments, repetitions. Nothing shines ahead and there are a lot of critics who disagree with you.

Question: Is that when you look for the first needle in a haystack?

Answer: And even if you found this needle, then what? They can only laugh at you even more; there is something to cling to. A huge number of problems arise for humanity on this path.

The main thing, I think, is not to pay attention to anyone, neither critics nor praisers. You have to check within yourself. Your heart says that this is the right way, go ahead.

Otherwise, nothing will work out! Otherwise, you will simply follow others. If you want to go on your own… I am not saying to go ahead with a torch and illuminate the path for humanity, no! If you want to go your own way, you just have to go. And there can be no obstacles in your way! That is how I go and that’s it. I am not forcing you. You check for yourself.

Question: What is stopping us?

Answer: We are stopped by public opinion. That is the problem.

Comment: There is terrible, destructive criticism!

My Response: It doesn’t matter! Let them talk. I am the way I am.

Comment: And there are logical proofs that this is the wrong way.

My Response: Wrong way, so what? So I am wrong. Do I have the right to make a mistake? I do. Let me be wrong. Half the people are wrong. Let’s say half. You know that is an understatement. Well, I am wrong. But I check with myself all the time: “I go the way I want to go, and I do not listen to anyone?” Then this is the right way.

Question: What is this inner torch that leads?

Answer: I feel that I cannot do otherwise. I cannot! I can, of course, force myself, turn away, get carried away, do something, and in a few years I will still come to the same thing. I have to discover myself! So I can open this path so that I can achieve my spiritual growth, my spiritual goal. And what is it like, I don’t know.

Question: But, one way or another, is this already a spiritual path?

Answer: The spiritual path. And it is always only spiritual. What else is there for a person in this world? What other development? Only to develop your soul or your inner desire. I strive to hear myself and that’s it.

Question: And if frustration comes at some point?

Answer: It is always there. So what? But this is my way!

Question: And if you realize that it is a mistake, what then?

Answer: Also my way. All, all this is my way! And let no one and nothing sneak into it! Let me make my own mistakes! Do not disturb me! And then what I am done with, I am done with. It is mine! I am guilty or I deserve it, but it is me.

Do not look at others! Never! You have a different soul, you cannot be like them, and they cannot be like you. So pay less attention to everyone. Would Einstein have done something if he had looked at others? It is impossible! Just listen to yourself. Even if I am wrong, it is me.

Question: And if we apply this to the everyday, common person?

Answer: What does ordinary mean? Everyone can be different. Let him listen to himself, hear himself. That is how I can, this is how I want, that is how I think, not in spite of others, but it comes from inside me.

This is my “I” that must be pulled out of me. And you will feel, even in mistakes, very comfortable with it.

Just close your eyes and you are all alone! But you are with yourself, you are not running away from yourself. That is all.

Question: That is the way to live?

Answer: Yes. That is my advice. Then, in order to implement it, you have to create a special environment for yourself, and so on. But still, you are alone.

Comment: That is, if I felt, “this is mine,” then I have to grab onto it and that’s it.

My Response: I implement it.

Comment: And that is the way I go. And along the way there will be squalls, seventh waves…

My Response: It does not matter, I will be even closer to myself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/8/21

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