The Escape From The Kingdom Of Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t go through the level of the “forefathers,” and all that happened at the beginning: “First Man,” Babel, the Land of Canaan, Jacob and his twelve sons, the descent to Egypt. We begin to discover ourselves as already in Egypt. The time before that belongs to the “forefathers” and is incorporated in us in the form of Reshimot (reminiscences, informational genes), our internal attributes.

We begin to work in Egypt until we discover that we are in an egoistic desire and that we have to escape it because we receive less and less vitality from it. Years go by until we discover this in order to escape.

If at the same time we are in a group and we help one another, it says “and the Children of Israel sighed from the work,” which means everyone together. The exodus from Egypt takes place together.

The exodus from Egypt is called the exodus from detachment and separation to connection and unity. It isn’t a physical exodus from a geographic location. In Egypt we discover that we are separated by our ego. All the work in the exile of Egypt is in trying to connect with each other and our not being able to do so. We discover that it is Pharaoh who disturbs us because he stands in our way and separates us.

And then we keep working on the connection, each time discovering that it is impossible. Then Moses appears, kills the Egyptian, and escapes to the desert for 40 years. We work on the connection all the time, until Moses returns, goes to Pharaoh and demands “Let my people go,” which means, let us connect.

I want to connect with those who seem to be strangers now. It is Pharaoh who shows them to me as strangers by depicting them as being outside myself, while I am asking for a chance to connect with them. Let Pharaoh stay. I want to connect above him. In order to do that I need an even greater force, above all his great desire and ego that spins me around as he wishes.

So I have to ask my ego to restrict itself and to stop controlling me. With this demand I come to Pharaoh. Pharaoh answers: “Do you want me to come down from my height, from my throne?” He only hardens his heart, and so I need the Creator to be even stronger than Pharaoh.

This is Pharaoh’s mission, to raise the Creator in my eyes so that I am forced to increasingly appreciate the general power of bestowal prevailing in nature. Only this will give us the opportunity to connect with each other.

We have to imagine what Egypt is correctly. The Creator should constantly become more important for me; otherwise, I will never be able to connect with the friends, and that is the “exodus from Egypt,” and I will stay in exile forever.

Egypt is called separation. And where am I running to? I want to connect above this separation, above the hatred that is revealed to me, above Mount Sinai (a mountain of hatred), and so I leave Egypt. Such an act is called “exodus.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/12. Shamati #159

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