Harmony – The Golden Middle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible, through using an interest in having a healthier body, to transform people to a higher level of understanding of a higher order?

Answer: An integral view of the world makes a person self-sufficient in everything. He will no longer want marinated crab and other delicacies. On the contrary, an aversion will appear in him for everything that is imposed, pretentious, and unnatural.

People will be satisfied with normal, basic, healthy food. Gradually, they will begin to be attracted to something simple, wholesome, and good, in their personal lives and in their diet, in everything. In a natural way from their inner guidance they will seek this resonance, this harmony in the golden middle.

It is possible to bring them to a healthy internal state, to psychological and physiological balance, only through knowing what this balance is.

Question: It follows that, first, we attract the new ones simply to whatever they are interested in learning.

Answer: Yes, this is part of the introduction, and after that we take responsibility for them. We give them an understanding of other levels and lead each one to that state that he wants to reach.

I think that in every circumstance it is precisely the integral sensation that will attract them, and they will want to continue to develop. When the person really feels his balance and inner comfort, and adheres to this state—in diet, sports and relationships with others—this will be a sign that he has brought himself to the level of normal behavior.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/20/13

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