Without Saying A Word, You Said Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we tell people we want to attract to study the integral method that with its help they will balance stress?

Answer: You can call it whatever you want, but when people come, we must sit them down in groups of ten immediately and within five to ten minutes start asking them small questions so that a flow will begins between them. The questions will go around like a ball in a roulette wheel, and people will begin to feel that there is already something “moving” between them, some kind of a connection is created. I have faith only in this.

Let nature work! Emotions don’t perceive words. The ears grasp them with difficulty, the head processes almost nothing, and the heart doesn’t respond at all! The lecturer says something from the podium and let him say it.

Let the people not just be empathetic, but rather, let them give birth to all that you want to convey to them. You need to build the training, training in a form that they will reach the right conclusions by themselves, without even hearing a word from you.

Divide your lecture into parts. Give each part a title and move in such a form that they themselves will say what you wanted to say to them. Instead of using the phrase, “There is an opinion,” ask them a question so they will search for the answer together according to certain rules, and from what comes out, continue to work. Can you imagine what experience they will get?

Without saying a word, you bring them to a discovery of their own shortcomings. Moreover, when they discover these within themselves, it is with a good relationship, from a high state of perfection, that they attained between them.

You are not the ones who showed them the negative. Rather, they see their state as negative themselves from the height of the positive they have risen to. That is, two characteristics already exist within them, positive and negative, which they discover within themselves.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/20/13

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