The Family Of The New Era

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is a family in terms of the method of integral education and upbringing?

Answer: A family is a union of two people who have a common goal that is outside of each of them. The couple builds this state between them by desiring to rise to it, and then they really unite in it, in one integral whole.

A family is a common unit built on a mutual inclusion in each other. A typical union, the union of two people at the household level cannot be called a family if they are not connected, do not dissolve into each other, do not become one integral whole, creating an average, a third component, the family. For example, on a physiological level, the family is a father, a mother, and a child. The child is the creation from both of them. So a family is both spouses and the third part that they build together.

Question: If this family does not have a child, the third component yet, then are they still a family?

Answer: We are not talking about a physical child. If the spouses have not built their collective unity, then there is no family.

The third component is their union, their spiritual child for whom they live. They support it, it warms them up to rise to the next level. They begin to feel that because of this third component, they obtain a completely different existence.

Therefore, the family of the new society will not exist by serving themselves and their children on a physical level by meeting physiological needs, but only by giving spiritual fulfillment to each other.

We cannot reach the next level of humanity without the correct relationship in the family.

Question: Who does one cancel himself before in the family?

Answer: This is not a cancellation, but an understanding that the connection must be above our individual, egoistic, natural properties and tendencies that are created so that we rise above them. Therefore, spouses are partners who help each other in this process.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/21/13

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