Living Through The Desires of Others

Laitman_032.02Question: If we do not feel anything from the true creation, what do we feel when we love, partake of food, or look at the stars?

Answer: We feel pleasure in our insignificantly small egoism. Our entire world, our entire life, is inside it. We feel nothing outside of it.

Question: So, is there nothing poetic about stargazing, torment, or love? Is there no poetry, nothing romantic?

Answer: This is what corporeal matter lives by, both people and animals. These, however, are not spiritual scrutinies. Spiritual discernments come from a different state, outside of myself when I feel someone outside of me and live by their thoughts, their feelings, by the ability to fill them.

While doing so, I begin to feel myself similar to the Creator who created matter and keeps regenerating it, constantly transforming it into higher states. When I sense that I can fill another—to saturate them, to change for the better, not according to my understanding, but based on their desires—then I feel like the Creator and feel what the Creator feels. This is called a spiritual life.

Question: What is the main rule of a spiritual life?

Answer: It is to live through the desires of others.

Question: Why can’t I feel the spiritual world?

Answer: It is because you have not developed the intention, the desire, the urge to feel the others instead of yourself.

What does “instead of yourself” mean? It is to feel others as an object, and yourself as a tool, to bring this object into a correct, positive state.
From the lesson in Russian, 2/25/18

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  1. You have a very interesting philosophical view.

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