Filling The Desires Of Others As If They Were My Own

laitman_559Comment: Many people believe that spirituality means meditations or something of that sort.

Answer: It isn’t meditation in your thoughts, but continuous work on your desires in order to perceive the desires of others and to work on them as if they were your own.

Question: What do you mean by feeling the desires of others like my own?

Answer: If you want something, for example, I take your desire and fill it and thus we unite into one integral system, then I resemble the Creator.

Question: But for this, must you know what the desire of other is ?

Answer: I want to feel others, but they don’t have to tell me what their desires are.

To the degree that I intend to do them good, I begin to feel the desires of others. I ascend above myself, cease to feel my desires, and begin to accurately feel the desires of others.

I take all their properties, intentions, and possibilities and I receive the filling from the Creator because I have the strength because I am in a spiritual state. Having filled this desire in myself, I separate it from myself and I give it to the person from whom I received the deficiency.

A person may not feel his spiritual desires, but I feel them and fill them, and thereby prepare him for a spiritual mission.

How do desires for spiritual attainment and the revelation of the world and the Creator emerge in our generation? Kabbalists prepared these desires for us and it doesn’t matter that there were only a few of them compared to the whole world. They did it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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