A Place Is A Desire

laitman_275Question: How was the creation created and established?

Answer: When I was a student I was taught that the universe is eternal and that it has no beginning and no end, no dimensions and no time. This was a scientific point of view.

Then suddenly, at one point everything began to fall apart and scientists began to say that the universe is merely 14 billion years old. Physicists said that there was nothing before that and that we have to believe them. So what was there instead of the universe? Nothing. Was there some place? No, there wasn’t.

So where did it come from? Perhaps there was a vacuum and then the stars appeared? No, there was no vacuum either.

This is something that doesn’t make sense.

Question: And what does the wisdom of Kabbalah say?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah says the same thing. Scientists are getting closer in their views to the wisdom of Kabbalah because the ego has developed and is getting closer to it.

Question: So what was there before the creation—the desire to receive?

Answer: Before the appearance of the desire to receive there was only a desire to bestow, the Creator, Light.

The desire has no place. It is actually called the place itself. If I have a desire to eat now, for example, if you ruin this desire, I will feel that I have lost my appetite. Does the desire have a place or not?

If I have lost the desire, I will not be able to force myself to eat even if I am very hungry. This means that the desire is the place and not my empty stomach.

Question: Where is the desire?

Answer: Nowhere. I can check my stomach and say that it is empty. It wants to eat, but I am telling you if I don’t want anything, not even a small piece will enter my mouth! This means that in the corporeal world, you cannot point at a place that contains a desire.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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