Feeling The Desires Of Others

laitman_942Question: The Kabbalists say that a person must feel the desires of others and start fulfilling them. Are these elements of bestowal?

Answer: It’s not a problem to feel the desires of another person because we share a common goal. Moreover, this goal doesn’t relate to our earthly desires. We have one spiritual goal. I understand his aspiration because it is the same as mine. We must combine our aspirations and progress.

I try with everything possible to help us all connect in the group because by drawing a new common connecting force, we start feeling the force of the upper governance in our connection.

Naturally, I must take care of the friend if he lacks something material. But this is not the grounds to establish harmonious relations. Therefore, in today’s world, we need not overthink food. Today, nobody dies from hunger. What’s most important is to take care of the next level.

Question: When Kabbalists say that I must feel my neighbor’s needs, does this mean I must feel his desire, start filling it, and then my egoism will also get filled? What should I feel in others?

Answer: Nothing. I cannot feel others; I remain a self-absorbed egoist. Only if I try to unite with others and we aspire together to connect with the upper force do we receive the opportunity to connect with each other under its influence.

It builds a common desire from us that we create above ourselves: it’s me, it’s them, and above us is something in common that has nothing to do with the classical pyramid of desires.

We rise above our egoism, connect with the help of the upper force, and in this connection we begin to feel its action. This is the revelation of the upper force in us.

But we will never feel anything in our egoism.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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