Golden Advice to a Businessman

962.4Comment: Working in an atmosphere of cynicism and deception sucks energy out of us. The stress level increases. But the most striking thing (this discovery was made by scientists) is that by pushing subordinates to dishonest acts, the employer himself becomes a victim of deception on their part. The one who cheats for you will cheat against you. That is what they say.

If employees realize that the company has no moral guidelines, that it seeks to sell the product by hook or by crook and to squeeze the maximum out of the customer, then sooner or later they will begin to behave in accordance with this false culture. And the conclusion is very interesting: “It is beneficial for a capitalist to be ethical. And ethical business will flourish.”

My Response: As soon as they begin to realize that the company is pushing them to steal from customers, they immediately turn it into stealing from managers. Because it is much easier with managers.

Comment: There are many thefts along the road in many varieties…

My Response: It is known that theft is 70 to 80 to 90%.

Question: Is it because the ones at the top are thieves?

Answer: Yes, and they say: “Steal from others.”

Question: And how do you like this conclusion that business should be ethical, then nobody will steal?

Answer: Yes. If there is such a situation in the enterprise that we do not push to sell, do not deceive, and behave openly with customers, then, of course, employees will have this feeling; this feeling will be transmitted through the sale to customers too. And it will be a completely different atmosphere.

Meaning, this firm will inspire confidence and people will buy from it.

Question: Why do we usualy not reach these states?

Answer: Our egoism is very shallow. It cannot see beyond its nose.

Question: Why is it so stupid?

Answer: It was created this way on purpose. Because it is created in only one quality—in any case, get-get-get. And therefore, it cannot be any other way. Outside of myself, I cannot see for myself. I am blinded.

Comment: That is why over time I slowly start stealing. I am starting beautifully, planning to create an honest business.

My Response: You have no other choice. Egoism has no other way out. It sees no other way. It does not have the opportunity to maneuver between give and take, better or worse, this way, or that way. There is no such thing. To do this, you must already be a person with special inclinations and qualities.

Great crooks are great combinators. And they just know how to maneuver between give and take.

Question: It is said about some people: he is direct, he is so honest. Is this most likely just maneuvering?

Answer: Yes, it is natural. These smart people, businessmen, know how to maneuver.

Question: But still, do you have any golden advice for businessmen and businesses? Is there any advice, after all? Egoism will not hear it, but still is there any advice?

Answer: A person must be an intelligent egoist. He must understand that he is an egoist, and he must rise above his egoism, too.

Question: So, if he is a smart egoist, will he try to treat customers honestly?

Answer: Yes, he will try to establish friendly relations with customers, and then his business will flourish.

Comment: This is a tip for business prosperity. Such a simple piece of advice that is very difficult to do.

My Response: Try to be direct with them. It may be simple at first, but when you become an owner and so forth, a leader with such huge opportunities, then that is the problem of staying simple.

Capitalists have found a cure for this—competition—inside enterprises, inside all kinds of organizations, and so on, not even outside. And in some ways it saves. But, in general, it is still a problem, because consolidation happens, mergers happens, and again you cheat the buyer.

Question: When will we stop cheating the buyer? When will the buyer be attracted to such entrepreneurs, to such businessmen?

Answer: No, there is no such thing. This is only if we begin to feel that we are deceiving ourselves in all this.

Question: But will this feeling come?

Answer: I do not know. To do this, you need to be a very serious manager, maybe someone who is interested in development, and not dollars. There are such people here and there. And they are doing business.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/3/22

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