Drama Is Better than a Sensation of Nirvana

165Question: Did your teacher in some way develop spiritual sensations in you? Did he apply any pressure; did he stimulate you?

Answer: No way! He was waiting until it would develop within me. Now I am much more active with my students in the sense of advancing them than he was with me some time ago. Not a single Kabbalist allowed himself such a thing.

I put them in various unpleasant states up to the point that they can leave; it doesn’t matter to me. I force them to hate me so much, the state where they exist and everything around them with the single purpose so they would come to some group decision. I go for very painful steps.

Question: But what is good if they hate you? What does it give you and them?

Answer: It shakes them. Drama always begets action, while self-satisfaction, the sensation of pleasantness, puts one to sleep. This is how our world works. We can advance only from negative sensations. Positive sensations do not let us take a step forward, they hold us. As an egoist, who would run away from good?

Question: Does it mean in the end your task is to cause hate in your students and even hate toward you?

Answer: No, I do not want it. However, I see that without it they will fall asleep and therefore I try to do something. My task is such, it is better that I do it rather than the outer world and external circumstances that begin to act upon us in a negative way and advance us with their blows.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Reason of Success” 3/6/11

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