Animals Know How to Love, We Do Not

565.02Comment: Gennady writes: “Dear Michael, you say that animals have instincts, but we have feelings. I picked up a puppy that was freezing under the fence. And we have merciless frosts in Arkhangelsk. I brought it home, fed it, and kept it with me. I am not married yet. I am 22 years old, and I am studying and working. Unexpectedly, I found myself in hospital with peritonitis. After the surgery, I could not move. And only on the fourth day did I hear that some mongrel was dying in front of the hospital fence. It was driven away, but it kept coming back; it was given food, but it did not want to eat. I immediately realized that this was my Gosha. I asked to be taken to him. I will never forget this picture: he is lying, he is thin, and there are three plates of food around him. He saw me and started to cry. Honestly, he was crying! And I was also crying. I am writing to you now: they know how to love, Michael! They know how to love! We cannot do what they can!”

My Response: Of course! I agree with him about this. Animals demonstrate such feelings that a man is not able to find in himself, to squeeze out of himself. That is for sure!

Question: Why are we shown that they know how to love, but we do not? Do they have any purity?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Comment: That is why we are so drawn to pets, to their warmth.

My Response: We feel sincerity, and it bribes us. Yes, this is a great power.

Question: And when we understand that we cannot be like that, what does it give us?

Answer: Unfortunately, man is not an animal.

Question: Can we at least approach that kind of love?

Answer: No. Our brains, our feelings, and all sorts of perverted calculations will not allow us.

Comment: The animals do not do any calculations.

My Response: No. You see, this dog would have died there.

Question: Yes, he would have died there, for sure. That is, this is my master and I love him. And that is all. But what will we come to because of our prudent development?

Answer: As a result of our development, we come to the simplest state—love your neighbor as yourself. What else would you call it? And then everything works out well. Because concerning “as yourself” you have an example, and your neighbor is also in front of you.

Question: The only question is how to come to this love your neighbor as yourself?

Answer: This requires a very strong disappointment in one’s nature and envy of those animals that can feel it.

Imagine that dog that was dying because he was not feeling that he was close to his friend, I do not even want to say “owner.” And now, when he came out to meet him, what joy the dog felt!

Comment: This is such happiness!

My Response: Yes. When can a person feel like this at all?

Comment: That is, we feel some fragments of happiness all the time, and this is not even happiness.

My Response: Yes, but it exists in the animal world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/3/23

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